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ConradZ is more specifically Conrad Williams, 2nd Year SJC Law student, savagely overworked and underloved ;)

Allround gamer, sometimes a hardcore player of MagicTheGathering - made money at PTQs, qualified for the nats something like 3 years in a row, about 1800 composite most of the time... usually far too disdainful of casual play for my own good.

Welcome :) Do you know a Richard Edbury? - SunKitten
Aye, that I do - not particularly well tho. The Welsh wizard. He's a bit better than me :) --ConradZ
He was at school with MoonShadow :) - SunKitten

Welcome is seconded. I didn't know you played MtG, ConradZ; I'm afraid I'm not up to your standard. You're first on the reserve list for 'Enemy' if someone drops out. --Requiem
Thanks Ian! --ConradZ
Welcome is N+1thed. And if you're a gamer then you'd be very welcome at the regular Tuesday GamesEvenings - we play all sorts of fun games with a tendency towards strategic rather than luck-based. Although you should be aware there are some dedicatedly casual MtG players there too... maybe a good place to rediscover the fun of silly Magic ;) with a variety of other games on hand if you need an alternative! I believe I emailed the address to you about a month ago, coincidentally. --AlexChurchill
Hi Alex - I remember you speaking / emailing about GamesEvening when we did that M:TG draft. Have been in a Call of Cthulu campaign on Tuesday evenings so far, but that should be wrapping up next week, which means Easter term's a good window for me to turn up. --ConradZ

Came upon Wiki due to the words of Requiem, having played hammer-wielding socialist orator Snow in the Candle campaign. Represented the party's "much too virtuous" contingent.

Hello, Conrad. Welcome to our humble wiki. Ooooo..... Yes do come to games evening. It is much fun! -- King DJ
Cheers Jack *nods* Will try. --ConradZ


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