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Another college of Cambridge.


Provides plenty of potential for confusion with ChristsCollege and JesusCollege; these are all separate entites, much to the vexation of the average tourist.

It's where the UniversityChallenge auditions are held in Cambridge, or at least it was this year.
Is it?  Seems a bit strange to me - given that each college enters its own UniversityChallenge team, it would make a lot more sense for each college to sort its own team out. --Angoel
Yes, but only so many Cambridge teams are actually accepted. The teams are whittled down in a separate round of auditions. --SF

This year, they took place at New Hall. -- Xarak

One of the three colleges to have an exact namesake in Oxfnord.

Pembroke, Trinity, St John's, Jesus, Wolfson - surely more than 3?
Nope. The Oxford college is "Trinity and All Saints", the Cambridge one is just "Trinity". "St. John's" refers to different saints in each case. The OP said exact namesake. --SF
Still leaves 4. --CH
The Pembrokes are different Pembrokes too -- ours is Marie of Valence, theirs is her nephew (IIRC). -- [Senji]]

Who are much better than us at cheating in sports games. - canberra.wapmx.com


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