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Christs College (CB2 3BU ) has several notable features.

First, not being a RiverCollege? it naturally has one of the better teams of boaties.

Why is this "natural"? --Bobacus
See the CambridgeAura --Requiem

Secondly - Christs has ducks.  Sat on the opposite side of MarketSquare, it nevertheless has ducks, which are sacred and protected and so forth and must be considered FellowsOfTheCollege?.

It has cats too. We once had an old black dribbly one, and now we have two little grey ones which are interchangeable except that one is friendly to everyone and the other one hates everyone (except me) -SunKitten

Oh yes.  So it does.  An evil grey one with an EvilEye?.  Hmmm.  JesusCollege definitely has a cat too, it famously liked to live in the Porters Inbox.  Must be CorpusChristiCollege with no cat, then.  At least I got the ducks right.  -- Vitenka
Do you mean Benson?  He used to go to sleep in the Porters' Inbox, but he was lost several years ago - he wandered off and if he ever turned up again it was after at least a year...
Yes, Benson.  Awww, he left?  That is a shame.  --Vitenka (He was big and fat.)

Thirdly - whilst many buildings have horrible monstrosities of concrete built in the sixties (commonly named CrippsCourt or WolfsonCourt? (presumably WolfsonsCourt? was a typo) - not to be confused with WolfsonCollege) Christs is almost entirely made of such.  It has a huge typewriter as a building.  This typewriter suffers from the SpatialAnomalies? that plague most large structures built within the CambridgeAura.
It is not entirely made of such monstrosities. That would be ChurchillCollege. Christ's is old and mostly nice, and of the newer buildings only the typewriter is truly horrible (the others are quite shy and retiring, hiding behind trees and above shopping centres. Given their relative, this is not surprising). Oh yes, and the typewriter is sinking slowly. They built fourth staircase to hold it up and now that's being dragged down too. The students in the lowest rooms in the typewriter get some/all? of their rent back if/when the squash courts flood from the sewage pipe and everything stinks - SunKitten

Fourth.  Christs locks all of its gates.
And very handy that is too - CorkScrew the assassin
I've never found it a problem... Senji, the assassin...

Fifth:  ChristsCollege exists primarily so that tourists can confuse it with JesusCollege and CorpusChristiCollege.

Sixth: Most of these colleges exist purely to vex MoonShadow's attempts to OverCategorise? everything.  Of course, eventually he'll start PreEmptivelyCategorising, and then we'll be stuffed.  But it's fun until then.

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