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Jesus College (CB5 8BL ) - not to be confused with CorpusChristiCollege or ChristsCollege - is, um a college of the UniversityOfCambridge just like the aforementioned.  So I guess it doesn't matter too much if you get them confused.

Not being a RiverCollege?, Jesus nonetheless decided that it wanted to have its own backs.  So, apart from being able to use MidsummerCommon?, it decided to create JesusGreen? - complete with a little moat that it can claim is the Cam.
Also trying to be a RiverCollege?, we used to have a punt.  It is now hanging from the ceiling in the bar at the BunShop pub along with an explanation for how it came to be there.  For those lacking the inclination to go and ofund out, it spent a lot of the interim period at the bottom of the RiverCam.  I am unclear whether it still has roofing felt on the bottom (it is hung upside-down so you can't really see) that was applied in a vain attempt to stop the vessel from leaking like a sieve. --MikeJeggo

JesusCollege has a new library which is a moderately twisted homage to the UniversityLibrary.

It has a strange three or four story building built around a single central spiral staircase, which is off to one side and appears to be a DoveCote? or similar on first inspection.

I can only assume you mean T staircase, which is our only spiral staircase. They keep fellows and administrative staff in it.

It also has a large horse and a TwistedRabbit?.  I did know the story behind the RiderlessHorse? - but I have forgotten it.
Would that be the story about the 500 of damage done to it with a sachet of tomato ketchup, after which CCTV was installed?  Or the one about losing footballs by rolling them out, trying to get them under the upraised hoof and then being unable to recover them because of aforementioned CCTV?  I always thought that lacked inspiration.  They should have recovered the football wearing a balaclava and a TrinityCollege scarf :) --MikeJeggo
The first half is true (according to our old Dean while slightly drunk), the latter is new to me - and would seem quite unlikey, given that I've seen particularly clueless tourists walk up to the thing, unnoticed by the Porters, before. -- TheInquisitor

Bonus marks will be awarded to those who can find the nuclear fallout shelter, and the room with bulletproof glass - which date back to Prince Edward's incarceration here. Also of possible note is the fact that the chapel is the oldest building in the UniversityOfCambridge (although it was originally part of a nunnery), and that it used to be longer. The excess length is now part of the MastersLodge?, and is commonly held to be the bedroom of his daughter.
But, is it?
Having never been to that part of the Master's Lodge, I can't say with certainty... -- TI

Is in fact called... wait for it
The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelist and the glorious Virgin Saint Radegund, near Cambridge

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