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Goblins, Mining, Web, +1/+0 Strength

As StuartFraser would say: Groan... CategoryAwfulPun, methinks.  Reminds me of CounterSpell.  --AlexChurchill
StuartFraser is impressed that AlexChurchill is now categorising his own awful puns, as it saves him the job.
:-P The original pun wasn't mine... --AC
I would like to complain that Goblin is not, AFAIK, a counter type - it's a token instead. Where do the others come from? - ChrisHowlett
Strip Mine, Magnetic Web, Consuming Ferocity. -RA
Not Strip Mine, that just taps to destroy. --CH
One of the non-basic lands in... {thinks}... the crap expansion.  Fallen empires.  Tap to add a mining token, tap to remove all tokens and gain that much red mana.
You can't use "the crap expansion" any more, because it means both Fallen Empires and Mercadian Masques nowadays.
Well, the standard line from tournament players seems to be that Prophecy was the really bad one from that block, although the whole block was underpowered except for Rebels...  --AC
Really? I suppose Masques has the better rebels in it, and a few other usable cards. Anyway, as a confirmed lover of White Weenie, I have no problems with everything being underpowered except for Rebels; it was the only time that White has ever been the best colour...(StuartFraser, who recently acquired four MTG: Ramosian Sergeant and is wondering what to do with them).
Ah, you mean MTG: Dwarven Hold, which uses "storage" counters.  I thought you meant MTG: Gemstone Mine, which uses "mining" counters, or MTG: Mine Layer, which uses "mine" counters. MTG: Magma Mine uses "pressure" counters and MTG: Orcish Mine uses "ore" counters.  MTG: Consuming Ferocity uses "+1/+0" counters.  There is no Magic card which uses "Goblin" counters, because as Chris pointed out, there are a number of cards (MTG: Goblin Warrens is my favourite) which make Goblin tokens.  Other good CounterExamples: MTG: Time Vault uses "time" counters (after errata); MTG: Arboroth uses both "cumulative upkeep" counters and "-1/-1" counters (the Comprehensive Rules define cumulative upkeep in terms of counters); MTG: Icatian Javelineers use a "javelin" counter.  --a rather pedantic AlexChurchill
And in Mirrodin, lots and lots of counters. -ColinLeung
''But almost all either +1/+1 or "charge".  --AlexChurchill

Translation for non-MtGers who program, read the first line as: i, j, k

Translation for non-MtGers who don't program, read the first line as: Penny, tiddlywink, button, go stone

all of which are CategoryNotWhatItWasSupposedToBeAbout

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