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Quite an old anime released as a single box of 4 DVDs in the US (and UK?), 13 episodes long.  The series has two sequels, "Banner of the Stars" and "Banner of the Stars 2".

It tells the story of a human boy, Jinto, who, through the actions of his father, has found himself to suddenly be part of the Abh nobility.

The Abh are a race of genetically engineered humans who have conquered roughly half of the inhabited worlds in the galaxy but have no interest in the worlds themselves, just the trade routes between them.  They call themselves the "Kin of the Stars" and rarely, if ever, go down to the surface of planets.  Their hair has been genetically altered so that it is not only blue but also flares out in moments of dramatic tension.

The story is based on a series of novels by Hiroyuki Morioka.  This has the effect that you are left with the distinct impression you are only seeing a fraction of the whole story and, in some cases, that the story is really just there to introduce you to the universe in which they live.  In this case, I have no problem with that though.  Their universe is a very interesting one (and besides, Lafiel is cute...).

As an added bonus their science actually had me somewhat interested in how it worked rather than find it amusing.  This is probably another benefit of having novels as a basis.

If you watch the series, be sure to watch to the end of the credits on the last episode...  This is very important!

Ah!  This is what it is called!  Do we have a 'via toothywiki' amazon ISBN for it?  --Vitenka
The series can be found on Amazon: [Crest of the Stars], but it is available through a third party so I don't think that ToothyCat will benefit from a purchase regardless of the link used. --K
And again you remind me of a thing I have heard good things of and keep meaning to get and never get around to.  Evil!  --Vitenka

It might be worth noting that this is (probably) one of the main series that IrresponsibleCaptainTylor is parodying. PointyEars? :) - SunKitten
Which I also intend to see one day.  Though Nadesico will tide me over as a mocking of the mockers (and everyone else) kind of thing.  What little I saw of CrestOfTheStars looked shiny in a "This is very old and cliched now" kinda way.  Although it was all very blue, for some odd reason.  --Vitenka
The main nation has blue hair. There is actually an explanation for this :) And I prefer Tylor to Nadesico, believe it or not :) I don't know about the ring cycle in space - you mean Wagner's opera? CaptainHarlock?? - SunKitten
Blue hair didn't explain blue ships, blue hyperspace, blue lighting, blue control panels...  It was very very blue.  That's the only thing I really remember, apart from it seemed like a decent political war story.  I do mean the opera, I don't know the name of the show - hence my asking in the summary :)  --Vitenka
Yes, that was a suggestion. Probably incorrect (I haven't actually seen it but I've heard it is both good and angsty). I've not seen many things like that and none of those I have remind me of the Ring saga (and they don't hurt, either ;) . Tsunami might have an idea - SunKitten
Oh, it's not just remind - it's direct clone.  Character names, plot - the lot.  --Vitenka
The Gap series (of sci-fi books, by Stephen Donaldson) were a conscious lift of Wagner, too. They're good in spades, too. --TI

I wonder how you genentically modify hair to recognise dramatic tension? -- Senji
Well, it'd need to be something other than hair - but you could easily have it respond to temperature, or increased sweat (or an easily evaporated chemical trigger in the sweat) or electrical signals in the nerve (heck, using mettalic colours, you could have the angle of the hair relative to other hairs make a difference, and thus work on muscle power) - presumably this would all then work off an emotion not common to most species...  --Vitenka

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