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PeterTaylor, AlexChurchill and Rachael discussed ideas for adding cards. One or two of these may be in the forthcoming expansion because they're sufficiently obvious, and some of them may need rebalancing. Costs of cards left unspecified for balancing.

Draw two cards. If you have two green cards in hand you may reveal them and gain +1 Action.
Details highly tweakable: the point is the "kicker" mechanic.
I like this one, it's like moat - +2 cards and (small benefit) - the small benefit also ties in really well with the 'huge mass of villages' strategy, though it does kinda suck for everything else.  Something where it's a good compensation for 'aww, I got nothing but green'.  Maybe +1 cash for buying instead?  --Vitenka

Gain a Favour card.
Favour cards cost 0 money but can only be obtained with Courtier. For your Buy step you may trash a Favour and an Estate or a Duchy and spend 3 money to upgrade to a Duchy or Province respectively.
Roll a D6 and take the corresponding action:
1: Gain a Curse card
2: Gain a Curse card
3: Do nothing
4: Gain a Silver card
5: Gain an Estate card
6: Gain a Duchy card
Details should be tweaked to make it worth playing on average.
D6 must die.  --Vitenka  (Also, wow, this would need to be costed something like -2 and a free extra buy.)
See comment about tweaking. --PT

Fair Exchange
Action - Attack
Gain a silver card. This part is successful even if the attack fails. Reminder: the silver card goes to your discard pile.
Choose an opponent. You may look through his discard pile and "buy" a card in it with money cards from your discard pile.
You may overpay if this is unavoidable. E.g. you may exchange opponent's Village (cost: 3) for two silver cards (overpaying by 1 due to necessity) but not for four copper cards (because you could pay exactly with three of them). This restriction is to prevent purchasing one copper card for five, which would be über-Chapel.
Oooh.  I like this.  Especially as it lets you buy provinces from the presumed leader without depleting the pile.  It would need a high cost due to the possibility of stealing victory that way, though.  --Vitenka
Where do your money cards go? Are they trashed, or given to the opponent? --CH
Given the name, I assume given to your opponent.  --Vitenka
Yes, they go to your opponent's discard pile. --PT

Action - Reaction
+1 Card
+1 Action
You may reveal this when attacked to switch roles with the attacker.
Gibber.  I don't see a way to price this fairly - it's likely to shut out anyone from ever buying another attack. --Vitenka

Trash Sorcerer and one kingdom card from your hand. Gain a kingdom card worth up to the cost of the one trashed from hand from outside the game.
Missing the card you need for your combo? It won't be cheap...
I think the fun of finding working combo's is lessened with this, where people are more likely to find the 'best' combo and stick with it.  Also, an early game small deck strategy and then go fetch the witch when there are no defences?  --Vitenka
So don't play it if you're not playing Moat. And if your method of determining which kingdom cards to use already permits Chapel + Witch when there's no moat then you can't blame this card for extending it. Your first point is stronger, but I deliberately made it trash itself so that it would require a lot of investment to fetch in your entire combo. --PT

Clive has stuck a few ideas [here]. But I've just thought of another:

Choose a card from the supply. All players simultaneously reveal some cards from their hand. Whoever revealed the highest value of treasures gains the card. Everyone discards the treasures they revealed. (Possible variants: gain into the hand, only the auction winner discards, trash instead of discard, cost instead of value, poker style bidding with a 1-copper ante from whoever starts the Auction, etc.)

Trash any number of treasures from your hand. Gain a treasure worth exactly one less and put it in your hand. (e.g. trash a silver and two coppers worth 4, gain a gold worth 3. Or just trash two coppers, gain one, of course.)

It is not clear how this interacts with treasure-something else cards (such as the Harem).  Or, rather, it is clear how it interacts with them, I'm just not convinced the interaction is a good one --Angoel
Mmm, it's a great way to gain a Venture, giving up a Silver or 2 Copper. I think it's clear it can't gain a Potion and can't gain anything if you trash a Potion. Less clear what it does with Bank. --AC
Oh, because it works on price not value I was expecting you could trade between Potions and other treasures. If there was ever a treasure that had a potion in its price that would be a different matter. Hmm! --Clive
Huh, does it? I interpreted the "worth" and the example as saying it referred to the treasures' face value (Copper=1, Gold=3) not their price (Copper=0, Gold=6). --AC

Action - Attack - Reaction (Counterattack?)
Steal a card another player has in play.
You may reveal and discard this to steal a card someone has in play to attack you.

(The first form will only be able to affect durations, but that's plenty powerful enough. Note that the second form doesn't negate the attack, just means you get the attacking card. Careful phrasing sorts out what happens if someone else steals it first, if the attack is King's Courted, or whatever.)

Action - Counterattack
+1 Card, +1 Action
You may reveal this card when attacked. If you do, the attacker gains a curse and puts it on the top of their deck.

Prince (Or some other random name not yet used)
Choose an action card from your hand. Play it, but treat every number written using digits as 1 higher until it leaves play.

(This feels like it ought to be about as good as Throne Room, but significantly different. Prince+Remodel trashes one card and gets something $3 more expensive, whereas Throne Room+Remodel trashes two cards and gets something $2 more expensive than each. Especially good (too good?) with Cellar, Secret Chamber, Tribute, Salvager, etc. The "1 higher" means you can prince a prince to make a "2 higher" card.)
I do like this a lot. --AC

Action - Attack
All players draw until they have five cards in hand
Each other player gives you a card
Then you give each other player a card
(Moating this attack is all-or-nothing for each opponent, of course.)
Reminds me of, of all things, Everybody Gets One from Fluxx. I like it a lot though. --AC
Interesting! I wasn't thinking of Fluxx when I came up with this, but was thinking of the X=X+1 Rule for Prince. (-8 --Clive

Vow of poverty
Worth 5VP minus 1 VP per treasure you have, no minimum!

Action - Reaction
+1 Card, +1 Action
When one of your victories is trashed you may reveal this card. If you do, keep it and put it wherever you like.
(Expand a Province into a Colony and get to keep the Province! While most victories would get put in the discard pile, perhaps you want to Mine your Harem into a Platinum and still get to spend the Harem this turn?)
I put it in the place where the sun shineth not --CH
I think it'd be simple enough to just say "put it into your hand", wouldn't it? Like Fortress? That'd accomplish 98% of what you want, I think. --AC
True, true. Or perhaps, interpreted more broadly, you get to put your estates on top of someone else's deck? --Clive

Pay the price then take the next card from a face-down deck containing various gems of different values. For people who fancy a gamble.

Action - Duration
+1 Card, +1 Action
At the start of every turn you take, +1 Card, +1 Action, +1 Coin, +1 Buy
Discard this when someone else plays a Coronation
(It's important to stop someone remaining monarch. Especially if they have more than one coronation or a King's Courted coronation in play!)
Very evil to get from a Black Market. --AC
Point. Maybe it should be impossible to obtain black-market monarchy! --Clive

Double the value of one treasure you play this turn.
No more than one Jeweller can work on each treasure.
Similar to Counterfeit. Counterfeit's approach is probably nicer - it doubles almost all the effects, not just the treasure value, for things like Bank or Venture or Loan. --AC
Yes, but conversely it trashes the doubled-up treasure in the process. Admittedly, this one's less wildly different from existing cards than some of the ideas I'm having... --Clive

Action - Duration
Place any number of treasures from your hand on this card.
At the start of your next turn, put them in your hand.
Reminiscent of Haven. Would probably need to have a cantrip like Haven in order to make it at all worth playing. Unless the idea is it's awful unless you sync it up with Deposits. --AC
Any number of treasures, though. But I've had another go called Savings, below. --Clive

Interest (Included automatically as an extra kingdom pile if Deposit is selected)
If you have a Deposit ending this turn, gain a gold and put it in your hand

Action - Reaction - Duration - Attack - Victory - Treasure
+1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
+1 Coin
+1 VP
You may trash a card
Players with five cards or more must discard one card
On your next turn, +1 Action
If you discard this, +1 Card
When you trash this, gain a card costing up to 3.
When attacked, you may discard this to avoid the attack.

Victory: 1VP
Treasure: 2 coin
(Something for everyone, I feel. (-8  Note that if you play it as an action, you can't play it as a treasure. Also, yes I realise this probably has to cost at least as much as a Province.)
Aww, every Reaction has been different so far, so it'd be nice for this's Reaction effect to be different to Moat. I think I'd omit the trash effect and discard and trash triggers: Jack Of All Trades from Hinterlands already plays in the "do a bit of everything" space. An alternate possibility goes "Now and at the beginning of your next turn: +1 Card +1 Action +1 Buy +1 Coin +1 VP." --AC
It's not quite Moat, because you have to discard it. (And given how powerful its other effects are, that might be a tough call.) Yes, I'd not encountered Jack of all Trades, never having played Hinterlands. I quite like your version. --Clive

Demolition team
As many times as you like: Play an action from your hand. Trash it. +1 Card.
(You get to draw new cards as you go along, so you can demolish more actions if you draw them. Especially handy on ruins!)

Action - Duration
Now and at the start of each turn, choose one:

Action - Duration
Place an injunction token on a supply pile.
On your next turn, remove it.
When a player plays a card, they gain a curse for each injunction token on it.
(Like embargo, but shorter-term and affecting play rather than purchase. Only useful on actions and treasures.)

Action - Duration
Choose an action card from your hand.
Play it now.
Play it again next turn.
Oh, beautifully simple. A little confusing what it does with actions that trash themselves (Feast) or move themselves to other places (Island, Treasury, Embargo). But nonetheless a very pleasingly simple and useful variation on Throne Room. --AC

Victory - Reaction
nVP (to be determined)
When you are attacked you may reveal this and spend the attacking card's cost.
If you do, the card is trashed and doesn't affect you.
(i.e. coins from your hand into your discard pile. The attack still affects other players unless they also have armies.)
Probably needs to say "Whenever another player plays an Attack card, you may reveal this, play any number of treasures, and pay the cost of the Attack card". Fun approach to defence. --AC

Peasants' Revolt
Action - Attack
+2 Coin
+2 VP
Each other player reveals a victory card and a treasure (or shows a hand lacking one or both)
Trash all the cheapest victories
Trash all the cheapest treasures

Rat catcher
Trash as many rats as you like from your hand
+1 Coin per rat trashed
(As well as the +1 card inherent to trashing the rat, of course.)

Action - Attack
All other players reveal their hands.
For every Rats they have, they trash a card other than a Rats.

(The cost ought to include a potion, I feel.)
Return as many Rats as you like to the supply.
For each Rats you return, gain an action costing up to $4 and put it in your hand.

Pied Piper
Action - Attack
Each other player must give you a treasure or gain Rats and a Curse.
Put any treasures you're given in your hand.
Hahaha :) --AC

Action - Attack
Each other player in turn must take a buy phase in which they may play at most one treasure and must make at least one purchase.
(The treasure they spend is discarded and not replaced. So usually a bad thing.)

Sack of copper
Treasure: 2 coin
+1 Buy

Foreign coinage
Treasure: 4 coin
No purchase can be made using a mixture of foreign coinage and other treasures.
(e.g. with +1 Buy you play two Foreign Coinage, 1 Gold. You can buy a Province and an Estate, but you can't buy a Colony.)

Action - Duration
While this card is in play, all players are -1 Buy.
(But they can use a +1 Buy action to make a purchase.)
Quite harsh if no usable +Buys are around. I think this could lead to unfun game states... in fact, yeah, with enough density of this it becomes a way to stop the game ever ending, which Donald has been quite keen to avoid. (He was slightly cautious of allowing Monument to exist because it gains VPs without directly moving towards ending the game, but the cash is meant to tempt people to spend it and thus keep the game moving.) --AC

AlexChurchill: We also discussed:
Midsummer Fair
Action - Duration
While this is in play, all players must spend all of their buys if possible. (Optionally also:) At the start of each opponent's turn, that player gets +1 Buy.
We did indeed. Why the "if possible"? Copper is inexhaustible and nothing can make it cost money to buy. (-8 I'm not so sure about the name, which feels a little modern to me. What about Midsummer Fair or similar? --Clive
Much better name: taken. Copper isn't quite inexhaustible: the supply is meant to be very large, but finite. --AC

Old Crone
Action - Attack
All other players reveal their hands. For each knight revealed, they gain a Quest.
If any Quests are gained, trash this card.
I like the idea of giving Quests, but it's a pity this is so specific to Knights. I wonder if it could read "For each Attack" instead. --AC

On your turn you may spend $4 to fulfill a Quest and return it from your hand to the supply.
If the Quest leaves your ownership by any other means, gain two curses.
Very harsh to receive on the last turn of the game, or before you have a chance to draw it. Interestingly it's probably worth Ambassadoring this if you have the opportunity, even if you had the alternative of fulfilling it. --AC

Law and Order
Expansion theme idea.

Create a new category of card, Crime. Have various cards in that category, and cards that react to them.

Coin clipping
Action - Crime
Reveal three treasures from your hand. Gain a copy of the least valuable and put it in your hand.

Action - Reaction
When someone commits a crime, you may reveal this card. If you do, the crime is trashed and the player gains a Fine.

When you gain this card, put it in play.
Spend 3 coin (cumulatively) to return it to the Fines pile.
You may not take actions or buy while this card is in play.
(For example, spend a silver on the Fine in one turn. The following turn, spend a gold. Dispose of the Fine. Continue your turn as normal with two coin from the gold left to spend.)
This one could be a bit too nasty, I think. If you have no money in your deck it's impossible to get back into the game --Edwin
Mm, good point: it does punish Woodcutter vs Silver a bit much. Perhaps "You may not gain cards while this card is in play"? --AC
Even then you can be stuck if you have no money-generating cards in your deck (not something you'd want to do, but I've seen someone do this through overenthusiastic chapelling). Maybe allow revealing a money-free hand to pay part or all of the fine, then it could go back to forbidding actions. --Edwin
I think if you do that in a set that can give you Fines, some would say you deserve what you get. The game will at least be over fairly quickly. --AC

Action - Reaction
When someone commits a crime, you may discard this card. If you do, the crime is trashed. Then the player shows you their hand and you take one card.

Action - Reaction - Crime
When someone commits a crime, you may discard this card. Gain a copy of anything they gain from the crime.

Protection Racket
Action - Duration - Attack - Crime
Choose a player. They gain a Fine. You gain Spoils.
Until your next turn, if that player is attacked, you are affected instead.
(That's as well as being affected directly, if the attack affects everyone.)

Some existing cards, particularly Thief, could do with being Crimes. This feels like fertile territory for many new cards.
Wow, yes indeed. There's a lot of potential there. I particularly like the idea of making a whole expansion's worth of custom cards that are at least vaguely tied together thematically. Let's have more of these. --AC
Thematically is fine, but mechanically is problematic.  Alchemy is my least favourite expansion for a reason.  Evil potions... --Angoel

Cost $2
Discard every card you own.
Trash everything except Coppers, Estates and Shelters.
Move this card from the trash to the supply. If you do, gain a card costing $3 and a card costing $4.
When you buy this, you may exchange it with the card on top of your deck.

(Cunningly crafted to keep qqzm happy. In an intentionally contrived and perverse way. (-8 )
Eeeeeeeeeeenteresting. :) Although it doesn't allow you to get two £3 cards. --qqzm
OK. "gain a card costing up to $3 and a card costing up to $4".  --Clive
Interesting.  What happens when I use the throne room on this card.  Based on the way the throne room interacts with similar self-trashing cards, I should get two $3 and two $4 cards. --Angoel
Presumably the "If you do" is there to prevent that.  --Edwin
Quite so. That precise form of words also carefully prevents a Possessed player getting the benefit. --Clive

The Crown Jewels
Treasure - Reaction
Cost $10
Value $8
When another player tries to play The Crown Jewels, you may reveal this card.
If you do, the other player must instead discard theirs.

Great Chapel
+1 Action
Up to four times: trash a card then draw a card

You may immediately spend treasures and make a purchase.
(Not very useful standalone but, for example, lets you buy before using your Tactician. Or take a Mint then go on to buy more stuff. Or Watchtower a new purchase to the top of your deck when you still have a +1 Card action to play.)
Not to mention play a Watchtower / Library having dropped all your Treasures. I think this should have +1 Action, though. --AC

Cost: Potion and $6
Value: 2 potion and $2
(Hey, an Alchemy card! I've not come up with one of those before! (-8 )

Cost: Including a potion, no doubt
Any time any card is trashed, you may reveal this. The card remains in place.
(My intention is that, for example, you could even neutralise another player's Chapel. Is that too strong? Possibly the Elixir has to be discarded, or is an Attack, or only works during attacks unless it's your turn, or something. But my hunch is it's fine as-is provided it's priced high and has no other abilities. There are already other cards that cause seismic shifts in strategy, after all.)

The Apparatus
Value: 0
Trash a treasure from your hand.
Reveal a Potion.
If you do both, gain a gold, putting it in your hand.
(Yes -- treasure, not action. And why not?)

Action - Attack
Trash a card from your hand.
For each $ the card cost, give a Curse to a player of your choosing.
If the card also cost a potion, recipients must place each curse in their hand and discard a non-curse.
(Normally a poor trasher combined with low-grade witchy unpleasantness, but terrifying synergy with Peddler. And how often is it worth sacrificing a Province to fill the leader's deck with muck? Or perhaps a Possession to muck up the leader's deck and blow apart their next turn?)

Seasonal Village
+1 Card
+1 Action
...and the current seasonal village action.
If you play any Seasonal Villages, advance the season at the end of your turn.
(Setup: put the four Season cards in a stack with summer on top, then autumn, winter, spring.)
Summer Village
+2 Cards

Autumn Village

Winter Village
+2 Actions

Spring Village
+2 Buy

The King's Peace
Action - Duration
+1 Card
+1 Action
While one or more of this card are in play, one more supply pile than usual must be empty to end the game.
(Prolong the agony. But only up to a point!)

Action - Reaction
+1 Card
+1 Action

At any time you may reveal a Clipper from your hand in each of two simultaneous games of Dominion. If you do, pass cards freely between your hands.

(That's clipper as in fast intercontinental trading ship. Motivated by finding Outpost in one FreeDom game and Tactician in another. Could be fun for CH to implement, too. (-8 )


Play actions until you have none left. Then reveal a hand containing no actions.

(A double-edged sword. On the one hand, you get to play all your actions. On the other, you'd better not get anything via +card that you want to avoid playing!)
Seems pretty good. But I guess it'll normally just be an uber-Necropolis. Nifty. --AC


Reveal this card. Choose one of your cards. Discard it. Immediately stop following its instructions.

(Cards left in limbo go back where they came from. So, for example, Magistrate on a Library could leave set-aside actions on your deck instead of discarding them. Diversely useful in conjunction with cards like Council Room, Mine, Courtyard, etc. Have to be careful of corner cases, though.)
Terrifying with a partly-resolved Masquerade. --AC
Hmm. I have a firm instinct about what "sequence points" I intend. But I'm aware it's hard to codify. I thought it worth putting the card idea here anyway, though, because I rather like it. Basically, I think once people have started passing cards in a Masquerade, everyone should pass. But it should be possible to kill a "now and at the start of your next turn" between "now" and "the start of your next turn". --Clive

Consolidate (MkII?)
Trash a card from your hand. You may trash more copies of it.
Gain a card costing up to the same as that card, plus $1 per extra copy you trashed.

(I think this is tidier than my previous attempt at a Consolidate. Trash four coppers, gain a silver; trash three rats, gain a gold.)

Cost: 1
+1 Card
+1 Action

(...and that's it. But potentially useful for +VP with Goons, or with Gardens, or maybe even as a harmless way to dilute your deck in an attacky game?)
Oh, indeed. Fine with Conspirator or Peddler, and I'm sure there are more. --AC


Give two cards from your hand to one or more other players.

(What colour the elephant is depends very much on the cards you choose, of course...)
I think Ambassador is a more multiplayer-friendly approach to this idea. --AC
Maybe. But this works better with ruins/shelters and similar. --Clive

Treasure - Reaction (Luminous green back)
Cost: $5
Value: $5
If you ever have two Plutonium in hand at once, immediately trash your entire hand.

(Well, it's a cheap Platinum... but you'd better be careful during Masquerades, that's all I'm saying!)
That is somewhat absurdly cheap. Given that (in Masq-less Ambassador-less games) nobody has any reason to buy Gold over their first one of these. Perhaps $6 or $7? Also, the only other card with a different back explicitly says "when you shuffle you may put this wherever you like in your deck". What's your plan for dealing with the shuffling issue? --AC
It might be interesting to playtest it. My thinking was that it doesn't matter that it's cheap because it's cheap for everyone (maybe that's even an argument for costing it at $4 so it doesn't skew in favour of those with a 5/2 split). And I want it to be cheap so foolhardy people are tempted to buy more than one. (-8 My intention was that people have to shuffle it into their deck normally, but can then tell where it ended up. On reflection, there would be a significant temptation if one had two of them to keep shuffling until they were safely far apart. Perhaps they always go at the bottom of the deck, thereby making life even worse for those who have two? --Clive
There'd probably also be a sinificant temptation for someone with one of them to shuffle it to the top. So makin it go to the bottom sounds like the best plan. And yeah, making it cost $5 would basically read "If you got the 5-2 split you win" --Edwin

Treasure - Reaction
Cost: $½
Value: $0
When you gain Lead, +1 Buy
You may reveal a Lead and a Potion from your hand. Trash the Lead. Discard the Potion. If you do both, gain Gold.
When Rats eat Lead, trash the Rats.

Cost: $8
As many times as you like:
Play this as if it were an Action card in the Supply costing at least $2 less than it that you choose. This is that card until it leaves play or is played as something else.

(Example: play Ceremony as Grand Market ($6), then Armory ($4), then Poor House ($1). Note that, just as Band of Misfits is the same thing each time if Throne Roomed, a TRed Ceremony would just be whatever it was last played as when TR played it a second time.)

That made me think-up the similar-but-different Play this as if it were an Action card in the Supply costing less than it chosen at random. This is that card until it leaves play. --qqzm
At random? Compare with Band of Misfits: costs 5 and lets you choose. So a card that was random would have to be cheaper. But then it would be able to do fewer things. Possibly it should be a cheap card that has the effect of any card in the supply? But how to randomise? And would it matter that this introduced a huge element of luck? --Clive
Oh no, it would do something else as well. There could possibly even be several of them, each costed differently. +1 cash and a random cheaper action, +1 card etc, etc. --qqzm
OK, yeah. Random Misfits + something for a middling cost could work. I'm still worried about how one chooses the random action efficiently, though. In FreeDom, fine, but at the table? --Clive
With the randomiser cards. Or, heck, just the top card of each possible pile. --CH
Mmm. Trouble is, the range of cards on offer to the randomisation will be variable: different random-card-cheaper-than-this cards could have different prices, and playing price-altering actions could modify prices further? --Clive

Action - Attack
Each other player reveals an action (or reveals a hand containing no actions)
You may play any or all of the revealed cards
The players then discard the revealed cards

Action - Duration - Attack
Set aside face-up an action from your hand
Each time someone's turn begins, they must play that card.
Discard it when your next turn begins.
(Yes, playing the card does use their action slot. Though Rats is +1 action, so all is not lost. (-8 Make qqzm's day in a multi-player game by Communing a Saboteur then playing your own Lighthouse. Or even Commune a Tactician -- in effect, getting another go, but you'll regret it if you're not about to end the game!)
This one and the previous one may have problems with Actions that go somewhere other than in play, like Feast or Treasury. --AC
As written, intentionally, the cards do end up in discard, even if trashed. I think that's the right choice, but they could easily be written to swing the other way. The only problem comes if both trashing and not-trashing cause show-stopping problems in different circumstances. Fingers crossed at least one of them doesn't. (-8 --Clive.

Lucky Dip
+1 Action
Trash two cards from your hand.
Shuffle the trash.
Gain a random card from the trash and put it in your hand.
ISTR discussion on the Dark Ages dev notes about how all the return-from-trash cards were too swingy if they allowed getting Platinum or Provinces, hence the common "costing 3-6" text. I don't know if this would have the same problem. --AC
Mmm. I'm aware of that risk. But they don't get trashed very often. And this is both random and dilutes the trash with two extra cards before you draw. That could make it less swingy. Certainly, I suspect it would tempt people into unprofitable gambles more often than it gave good results. Could still be too swingy, though, yeah. /-8 --Clive

Courtly Masque
+2 Cards
Each player passes the top card of their deck to the player on their left, who puts it on their deck.
+2 Cards
You may trash a card from your hand.
(Masquerade on steroids. (-8 )
Yick. Combine with Spies to move all the Provinces into your deck. --AC
True. But not actually much more evil than Saboteur or similar. And your opponent can Masque the provinces right back! It might be a card that tends to dominate in strategic terms, granted... --Clive

Guilds -- A prediction
I thought of the mechanism of "super-durations", cards that give semi-permanent effects rather than just affecting the next turn. Then it occurred to me that this is almost certainly what Donald is doing for the Guilds expansion.

This is my take on it -- let's see in due course how close I got to the real thing.

Guilds are purchasable, but there is only one of each and they are not "in the supply".
An "Action - Guild" is bought and played normally. However, once played, it remains in play indefinitely. Any previous guild in play must be returned so that someone else can buy it.

The various guilds could have effects every turn such as:

Trade War
Trash this card. Put a Trade War token on top of a Supply pile. The cards in that pile now cost $1 more.
(So exactly like Embargo, except affecting price instead of cursing.)
I think I like this design at least as much as Embargo. --AC

Seamen's Chapel
Action - Duration
Now and at the start of your next turn, trash up to 2 cards from your hand.
I really like this one. --AC

Action - Duration
Choose an Action card in your hand.
Now and every turn while this remains in play, either:

(This could need significant balancing, and should probably be priced at $6 so it takes a few rounds to get. For a while, the trashing will be useful, but sooner or later players will start having difficult decisions. And they're effectively playing with a three-card hand while this is in place so they'd better really want that action over and over again!)

Action - Attack
+1 Action
Take an illusion card and put it in your hand.
Choose any card at all except an Illusionist.
The illusion is that card until it returns to the stock.
For each player not affected by the attack, gain a curse.
When the illusion enters the trash, a pile or a deck, put it back in the stock.

(This feels powerful, but not as powerful as Possession. Maybe it costs $4+P or $5+P? I really do mean any card: Knight, Prize, Platinum, Colony, Black Market -- you name it! The card is carefully phrased so that:
I think that covers all the angles?)
Delightful. I have an irrepressible desire to use it as Mercenary or Madman, just because. Works interestingly as Scheme or Treasury as well. --AC
This is of course at least as good as any card in the game, and therefore needs to be priced appropriately. In particular, if the cost is just coins it needs to cost more than Platinum, because it's strictly better than Platinum (apart from a corner case or two, as it can be a Platinum whenever you want it to). Therefore, Potion in the cost is probably sensible. It's also strictly better than Possession (because it can be a Possession whenever you want it to), so it probably needs to cost either $6+P or include 2 Potions. --AC
I'm not sure it would work as Possession -- unlike Outpost it's not a duration, so vanishes at the end of your turn. That would arguably stop the Possession effect; maybe it should. I considered adding "trash an action from your hand, if you do" as a condition, which would make this card less super. But I quite like it being utterly super. (-8 --Clive
I'm pretty sure Possession would work. The effect "setting up" the extra turn is part of the Action's effect. (Just like Procession on a Duration does get you the benefit on your next turn too, even though the Duration itself disappeared on your turn.) Other terrifying things to do with this: Bishop illusionary Colonies. --AC
But by that reasoning, why is Outpost a duration? Possibly the most lucrative thing I can think of to do is Salvage an illustory Colony. (-8 --Clive
Is this an attack just to give you Curses if your opponents have Moats? --CH
Or Lighthouses, etc. yes. And it does make sense: you're attacking them with an illusion and you're cursed if they disbelieve it. --Clive

Illusion #
(Illusions aren't in the supply, of course. They're just temporary markers to keep track of illusions. Each illusion has an identifying number on it, so players can keep a record of what's going on even in the unlikely event that someone goes completely wild. They should be distinctive both front and back.)

Grave Goods
Treasure - Curse
Cost: $5
Value: $4, -1VP
When you play this, trash an action you have in play
If you don't, trash this and gain a curse
I have a feeling this could provide $3 and still be worth gaining. People would buy a $5 Gold that came with a Curse, and this is fairly similar to that. --AC
On the plus side, the cursing isn't a separate card, but on the downside you can't trash the curse and keep the treasure. The trashing is also intended to be pretty inconvenient: for starters, if you buy it with a 5/2 split you probably can't spend it; later in the game, your actions are valuable. --Clive
The trashing certainly will be inconvenient, but I note that you receive the cash for a treasure even if that treasure subsequently gets trashed. (Eg with 2 buys, play 10 Coppers, buy a Mint trashing all of them: you still have $5 left to spend.) So this will work as something like a Spoils, for $4 but giving a curse. --AC
Agreed. If you wanted you could spend $5 for a one-time $4 and a Curse. To put it mildly, I don't believe that option is unbalancingly good... --Clive

Reveal a card from your hand
The first other player to reveal a copy of it and say "Snap" draws 1 card
If nobody does, gain a copy

Action - Attack
+1 Card
+2 Actions
You may discard a treasure
If you do, +2$ and each other player discards down to 3 cards in his hand.
(Alex wanted an attacky Village. This is a Village, plus a Minion if you discard a treasure.)

During your turn, you may reveal this card.
If you do, set aside any number of cards from your hand, in any order.
Until you end a turn with it not in play, this is a composite card that has the effect of each of their actions in turn, cost the sum of their individual costs, value the sum of their values, name the concatenation of their names.
Then: discard the set-aside cards.
(Note that this has several important differences from simply being "play as many actions as you like", relating to trashing, price, etc. Yes, you can King's Court the composite. Issue: How to keep track of which is which when you have two in hand!)

Grand Vizier
Pick one: +1 Card, +1 Action, +1 Buy, +$1, place a card from your hand on top of your deck, +1VP

You may trash a card. If you do, repeat this action.
You may trash and repeat as many times as you like.

(As befits the name, this is probably about as powerful a card as it's possible to have without turning the game into a farce. So: what price? (-8 )
I assume "trash a card" means "from your hand", rather than from top of deck or from other players' hands or suchlike. In which case... It's spectacularly powerful to play once. In particular, it will trash as much of your deck as you like (by repeating +1 Card). But once your deck is trimmed it's just half a Pawn or a third of a Monument. Unless I'm missing something? --AC
I'm thinking that people who have a Grand Vizier (or several...) would deliberately retain a stock of Copper to feed it. And the Grand Vizier would self-synergise by giving them the +Buy. --Clive
But to get the +Buy to replace a trashed card, you have to trash a card (or do nothing else useful with the Vizier). --CH
Yeah, this is sounding like Rats. "Haha, it looks like I'm filling my deck with Copper, but that's just so that I can feed them to my Grand Vizier to buy exactly the same amount of Copper again!" It's missing the "??? ... Profit!" step. You don't even get to get double value from the Copper on Grand Vizier turns, because if you take $1 you've trashed a Copper from hand, depriving yourself of $1... --AC
Possibly it does suck. Might be interesting to try. Then again, thinking about it in a fresh and shiny new week, probably it should be discard rather than trash. --Clive

Hideous puns
An expansion idea. Probably for an expansion that needs to get released on April 1st:

Mercantile Fund
Worth 1$ per card you have trashed this turn and 1$ per card you have gained this turn.
Then +1$ for each card you trash or gain while this is in play.
Hee. Play two of them and a Bridge, and then you get infinite Silver (well, up to your available Buys). Also nice after a Chapel, or... wait, this counts trashing other players' cards too. Strong with a Thief or a Pirate Ship, then. --AC
Nono - I wasn't intending it to be quite that powerful! Thief et al say things like "they trash one of them that your choose", and I chose my wording carefully with that in mind. :-p
I think this is better than a Bridge overall, and probably forms some killer combinations (with Mine/Forge?/Talisman?/etc.). But it doesn't give you the +1$ or +1Buy and doesn't cheapen cards for stuff like Workshop. Maybe it costs $6? --Clive

Filthy Lucre
Worth -1$
When you play this, trash a treasure you have in play.

If you do, gain and play the cheapest treasure in the supply which costs more than the trashed one.
You may choose between equally-priced treasures.
(Sort of like a mini-mine that doesn't take up an action and has a -1$ to lessen its immediate benefit. But I admit I thought of the cool card name first then tried to fit a behaviour to it. (-8 )

War Bond
Treasure, Curse
Worth $1 per attack you have played this turn.
When this is in play, you may spend $3 (and a Buy) to return it to the supply.

Action, Attack, Duration
While this card is in play, when any other player buys a card, you gain it and they don't.
(Note that most reactions must be played when the attack card is played, not later. Players may only react to this attack as it is played.An extremely sharp double-edged sword. While superficially it stops other players having useful turns for a round, there are plenty of ways to gain without buying. Also, you really don't want to know how many curses they can buy when they know you'll get them! You'll also probably get Hoards of estates...)

Victory, reaction
When another player trashes a card, you may reveal and discard this card.
If you do, gain the trashed card.

Treasure, reaction
Worth $1
At any time, you may return this to the supply.
If you do, trash up to two cards from your hand.
(I wonder how much it would have to cost? Maybe it could be a treasure costing $1 !)
Return to the supply - from your hand? "At any time" suggests it could apply from other places too? --AC
It should be from your hand, yes. But I certainly intend that you be able to do it in other players' turns, and at any point in your own turn. --Clive.

All players, including you, may trash as many cards as they like from their hands.
Gain a victory card costing up to $1 per card trashed.

Seasonal Labour
Action, duration
+1 Card
+1 Action
You may choose an action from your hand. If you do, set it aside and play it at the start of your next turn.
Without using up an action, right? Interesting comparison to Haven in that case. Can't save you unneeded cash for next turn, but functions a bit like a Fishing Village in that it lets you get an extra action next turn. --AC
Indeed, without using up an action. So echoes of both Fishing Village and Haven, as well as Planner, which I devised further up this page. --Clive.

+1 Card
+1 Action
Choose a card from your hand. Trash it twice.

Cost: $8
+1 Card
+1 Action
Gain a Werewolves. Trash a card from your hand other than a Werewolves (or reveal a hand of all Werewolves).
When you trash this, +1 Card
(I reckon you can make Rats better merely by having them cost more. (-8 )

Wandering Shop
+1 Card
+1 Action
+1 Buy
(The Alchemy equivalent of a Market)

Play this as if it were any Action card costing at least n less than it that you choose. This is that card until it leaves play.
(The n should be cost-minus-4, so you only get to play it as cards up to $4. Even after Bridge. This is the even more wild version of Band of Misfits and/or Black Market. I wonder how much it should cost? $9? There isn't a $9 action yet!)

Bond Issue
Action, Attack
If this is the first time you have played a Bond Issue this turn, you may name a Treasure.
If you do, in your buy phase, each other player must reveal their hand. You may play all revealed treasures of that type.
When those treasures leave play, return them to their owners hands.

Royal Purse
Play this as if it were a Treasure card in the Supply costing less than it that you choose. This is that card until it leaves play.

Privy Council
Choose a card from your hand. Play it as if it were an Action card in the Supply costing less than it that you choose. It is that card until it leaves play.
(Pheer the King's Court, Privy Council, Colony, Colony, Colony!)

Value $4
+4 Buy
You must use all your buys this turn.
Every card you buy must be different.
(A definite trap for the unwary, this one!)

Action, Boon
A deck of ten different cards, Knight-style. When you play one, you tuck it under any action deck in the supply leaving the bottom section exposed. That's a boon which benefits anyone who plays cards of that type from now on.
You may trash a card
+1 Buy
+1 Card
+1 Action
(+Reaction) When another player plays an Attack card, you may discard this from your hand. If you do, you are unaffected by that Attack.
(+Attack) Each other player with at least 4 cards in hand discards a card.
(+Reaction) If you discard this without playing it, you may put it on top of your deck.
(+Victory) Worth 1VP
(+Duration) At the start of your next turn, all boons on this type apply again.
(+x means so Booned cards gain an extra type)

+1 Card
+1 Action
This turn:
(How to empty a pile quickly when you don't want the cards. Or entertaining synergy with on-trash effects.)

Plague Village
Cost: $0
Action, Reaction, Curse
When you can play this card, you must play it.
Trash a card from your hand. If you do, +1 Action.
You may trash a card from your hand. If you do, +1 Card.
You may trash a card from your hand. If you do, +1 Action.
Worth: -1 VP
When you buy this, +1 Buy
When you trash this, trash a victory card from your hand.
(Stash-like, this card should have a different back so people can tell you're holding it.)

Chamber of Commerce
Action, Duration
+1 Action
If any player has a Chamber of Commerce in play, trash it.
Pay up to three coin tokens. Place them on this card. While it is in play, cards cost $1 more per coin on it.
Discard this (and the coins) at the start of your next turn.

Troll Bridge
+1 Buy
No cards have Potion in their cost this turn.

You may set this aside. If you do, set aside a Reaction card from your hand. You may react as though that card remained in your hand. If reacting makes the card leave your hand, discard this.

You may set this aside. If you do, set aside a Duration you had in play at the start of this turn. At the start of each of your turns, treat it as though it had been played the previous turn.
(Note: my intention is that this wording stops it working on Tactician because on subsequent turns you haven't "discarded any cards [that] way".)

Cost: $0*
This card does nothing when played
When you buy this, you may overpay for it. If you do, gain a Copper and an Action card costing the amount you overpaid. Set the Action card aside. Play it at the start of your next turn.

Stock Market
Name a card. Until the end of your turn that card costs either $2 more or $2 less, your choice. Cards cannot cost less than $0.

Reaction - Duration
When you buy a card, you may reveal this.
If you do, set this aside with the purchased card.
At the start of each turn, gain a copy of the set-aside card and put it on the top of your deck.
When you gain a victory card, trash this card and discard the set-aside card.

Action - Attack
Each other player reveals a card from their hand.
For each player, you choose: either they trash the card or you gain a copy of it.
If they trash a card, they get +1 Card.

Old Crone
Action - Attack
Each other player reveals the top card of their deck. They may trash it.
If they do, they gain a Curse card.
If they do not, they gain a Curse card and set it aside, returning it to their deck at the end of the game.

Lucky Penny
Treasure - Reaction
Worth $1
When you trash or discard this, you may put it in your hand.

Worth $1
When you play this, reveal the top card of your deck.
If it's a treasure, put it into your hand.
Otherwise, put it back, discard it or trash it.
Niice. A bit like Loan, but probably needs to be priced like Venture; won't dig for your Platinum but can trash anything or leave the vital new Action back on top where you want it. --AC

+1 Card
+2 Actions
Whenever this leaves your hand without being played or discarded, gain a copy of it.


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