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FreeDom is a server for playing Dominion. It started life at ChrisHowlett/DominionServer but has since been migrated to Heroku? and again to OpenShift?.

You can find it [here] - and it is now ready and open for players! If you had an account on the ToothyCat server, you will need to re-register. Please use a valid email address, as it will allow you to reset lost passwords!

Please be aware that there may still be some teething problems: if you get an error that you weren't allowed to perform an operation (a 422), go Back, Refresh and try again.

It's important to me that FreeDom is as free from bugs as possible - so if you find one, please report it! Where possible, can you please note a) which game is involved; b) what you did; c) what you expected to happen; d) what did happen; e) if possible, an idea of what time it happened. The last will help me find the problem in FreeDom's logs.

If the bug prevents you carrying on with the game, please also let me know what's wrong with the game state; I'll endeavour to fix it from the back-end when I get some free time.

NoMethodError? in [GamesController#play action]?

undefined method `cards' for nil:NilClass?
Rails.root: /app

Application Trace | Framework Trace | Full Trace
app/models/seaside/treasure_map.rb:13:in `play'
app/models/player.rb:186:in `play_action'
app/controllers/games_controller.rb:250:in `block in handle_generic_ajax'
app/controllers/games_controller.rb:249:in `handle_generic_ajax'
app/controllers/games_controller.rb:133:in `play_action'
app/controllers/games_controller.rb:335:in `lock_player'


"play_action"=>"Leave Action Phase",

Interface question. Suppose you've played Royal Seal and are holding Watchtower. You buy from a pile with two Embargo chips on it. It's given that, by the rules, you'll gain the Curses first - what would you expect the interface to look like? How about if you've turned on "AutoWatchtower?", so that you always reveal the Watchtower without being asked?
Presumably that should be an or not an and?  Anyway - I'd suggest that when buying with seals/watchtowers I'd split each buy button to multiple buy buttons - 'buy', 'buy to top of deck', 'buy and immediately trash' (with the message log giving a 'revealed watchtower from hand' in the latter case as needed).  I think auto-watchtower when gaining curses through any method other than actually clicking a buy should trash them.  When not auto-towering, I guess it'll have to be an extra game step to make the decision.  I don't think yet another column of buy buttons is a good idea.  --Vitenka (it'll be pretty rare, anyway)
No, I did mean "and". I've coded Royal Seal already - you click Buy, and before the card moves you get a choice (where the Minion-mode buttons go) of where to put it. But what happens if both Seal and 'Tower are trying to replace simultaneously? --CH
Well, you get to either purchase as normal, purchase to top of deck with royal seal, or purchase to trash with watchtower.  Hit the appropriate buy button, would be my suggestion.  --Vitenka
What would AutoWatchtower? do? The only sensible thing I can imagine it doing is automatically trashing Curses. What would you expect it to do when you gain an Estate, or a Silver? Short of giving a config screen ("I want Watchtower to automatically... Topdeck Gold [X] Trash Gold [ ] Let Gold go to discards [ ]" for each card in the game), you've either got "pushy AutoWatchtower?" which automatically topdecks any Action or Treasure card you gain, or "wishy-washy AutoWatchtower?" that only knows what to do with Curses. (And perhaps you can have it automatically *decline* to put (non-Action non-Treasure) Victory cards on top of your deck.) --AC
So based on those assumptions, I'd expect that with AutoWatchtower?, buying from an Embargo pile would be transparent to me - the AutoWatchtower? would autotrash the Curses and I'd just see a note in the log about it. Without AutoWatchtower? turned on, I'd by default expect that for each of the three gained cards in turn, I'd get offered a menu, "Put into discards" "Put on top of deck" "(Reveal Watchtower and) Trash". V's idea of having an extra buy column is probably not scalable to all the possible cases that can come up. (What if I'm buying from an Embargoed Duchy pile and I have a Hoard in play and a Watchtower in hand? How many buy buttons would you need there?) --AC

The /PlannedFeatures page confuses me,
Uh, yeah, it needs RefactoringWithABigStick?, or reporpusing (sic). Will do so AtSomePoint?. --CH
so I'm adding some feature requests here.
Fair. Probably comes with making the Chat not clear itself on game update, but may need a restyle.
Fair, and pretty easy. Good candidate for Cornucopia.
Hmm, will think about it. Your suggestion may work.

Some suggestions from Clive:
I'm not quite sure what you're looking for over the current situation, where the person who needs to act is the very first thing in the page title. So, if you need to do something, it will say "Clive" right at the front... --CH
In a tabbed browser with many tabs open, many of which refer to me by name in one way or another, it would be good to have something more prominent than "Clive" as the indicator I have to do something. --Clive.

That is a spectacularly good idea. I'll post it on GitHub?. --AC


TODO: Merge and reorganise ChrisHowlett/DominionServer to this page and subpages.

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