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Note to self: [Library Thing] and [bookcrossing]
Moonshadow's [Barcode code]
Annoyingly, Library Thing wants $25 if you have more than 200 books. -DR

DouglasReay is about to move house, and thus also move all his books.  Now is the time to scan them in!  Has anyone got a barcode reader, or know where I can get hold of a cheap one?  What I'd actually really like is for someone to sit down with me and Louise's laptop, and help get things set up to the point where I can scan a couple of books, then press a button, and have them automatically added to a database or website of choice - ideally using info [Amazon] or [google books] or similar to categorise them.  Anyone done this?

We have one, though I'd have to find it. It needs a (real, not one of those little USB adapters) keyboard port. - MoonShadow
Thank you.  Though, since Kitiara's laptop only has USB I purchased one for myself.  It works, and enters into a notepad a digital number corresponding to the ISBN encoded in the book's barcode.  Now to [try to do something useful] with that.  --DR
Ok, I've now got this to the point where it can generate useful SQL so I need a database, accessible over the net, and without cost.  Anyone know of a website that supplies this? --DR

Ok, preliminary results: [Fantasy], [Science Fiction], [Unsorted]
Thank you Kitiara! --DR



Asprin: A phule and his money, phule me twice

I read 'A Phule and his money' and was disappointed by it.  Is 'Phule me twice' any better? --Angoel
I like them all, so I'm not the best person to ask - SunKitten
Well, it wasn't bad, but 'Phule's Company' and 'Phule's Paradise' are so much better than it. --Angoel
I liked them, but then again there is quite a bit of trash I like.  --DR


Charrette: Timespell, A prince among men,  Wizard of Bones, Eye of the Serpent

Scott Card: Ender's Game (+), Wyrms

Green: Mistworld, Ghostworld, Hellworld, Something from the Nightside
I think Mistworld is the best of those three.  They lead onto the death stalker series. --DR

Gaiman: Temps

Durgin: Barren Lands

Cook: First Truth

Clayton: Drum Warning

Chester: Reign of Shadows, Shadow War, Realm of Light

Christian: The Truthsayer's Apprentice

Moon: Change of Command, Remnant Population, Once a Hero, Trading in Danger
Several of those are parts of series, I believe.  I liked Trading in Danger --DR
All but Remnant Population are.  Trading in Danger is pretty good, but then, Moon invariably writes her best books at the beginning of series.  Similarly, Hunting Party and Once a Hero are my two favourites in the horses InSpace series. --Angoel

Modesitt: The Forever Hero, The Octagonal Raven
Modesitt has done other stuff too. --DR
Yes, I know. We have most of them - the Order/Chaos? and Spellsong ones - and I've read many of the ones we don't :) - SunKitten

McKiernan?: Voyage of the Fox Rider (+)

Huff: Sing the Four Quarters, Quartered Sea, No Quarter, Fifth Quarter''
Huff: Blood Price/Trail?/Debt?/Pact?/Lines?

Klasky: The Glasswright's Apprentice (+)
Can I have the rest of these please? It's good :) - SunKitten
Might be a few weeks - I have a busy period coming up, and I have not read the others yet. --DouglasReay
Ah, OK then. Thanks anyway - SunKitten

Kress: Beggars in Spain, Beggar's Ride, Beggars and Choosers

Lynn: Watchtower (+)

Hardy: Master of the Five Magics (+)
Secret of Sixth magic continues the exploration... --Angoel

Donaldson: The Real Story (x2), Forbidden Knowledge (x2), This Day All Gods Die, A Dark and Hungry God Arises, Chaos and Order

Patton: The Stone Prince

The Magic in the Weaving, The Power in the Storm, The Fire in the Forging, The Healing in the Vine

Niven: The Magic May Return

Taylor: ''Bard, The First Long Ship, The Wild Sea, Raven's Gathering;;

Stover: Heroes Die, Blade of Tyshalle

Wilder: A Princess of the Chameln (+)

Wells: The Guardian

Watt-Evans: The Misenchanted Sword, Touched by the Gods

Viehl: Stardoc, Eternity Row, Beyond Varallan, Endurance, Shockball

Velde: The Changeling Prince

Norman: Turning Point (+)

Stout: The Royal Four, The Sacred Seven

Stackpole: Once a Hero

Spedding: The Road and The Hills (+)

Roberson: Sword-Dancer (+)

Scott-Rohan: A Spell of Empire: the Horns of Tartarus

Gemmell: Sword in the Storm, Ravenheart, Storm Rider, Midnight Falcon

Laurel Hamilton: books 1 and 2 in the Anita Blake series

Usagi Yojimbo: No, I haven't managed to lend this to SunKitten yet.  But I'm going to continue to rave about it now and then until I do succeed.  Bwahahahaha. --DR


Zhuangzi Speaks - Returned
RaymondSmullyan?, The Tao Is Silent - Returned
RaymondSmullyan?, Forever Undecided - Returned
Lent: DeathNote 8-10
ElfQuest? vol 1-8 (returned)
Courtney Crumrin (vols 1-4)
Lent: Top 10 by Alan Moore (books 1 and 2) - DR has borrowed them from Alex (Returned)
Lent: Miki Falls, by Mark Crilley - Yay, thank you, was excellent!
Lady Mechanika vol 1-2


Babylon 5 series 5 - Returned
Thraxas - Returned
So you want to be a wizard - Returned
Deep Wizardry - Returned
local custom - Returned
arrows of the queen -Returned
dvd player - Not to return
Arrow's Fall -Returned
Arrow's Flight -Returned
The Oathbound - Mercedes Lackey -Returned
Agent of Change - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller -Returned
Conflict of Honors - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller -Returned
Scout's Progress - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller -Returned
Plan B - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller
Carpe Diem - Sharon Lee and Steve Miller - Returned
Battlestar Galactica : Miniseries - Returned
Battlestar Galactica : Season 1 - Returned
Oathbreakers- Mercedes Lackey - Returned
Highlander 1-3 - Returned
Battlestar Galactica original series - Returned
The Curse of the Mistwraith - Janny Wurts - returned
War for the Oaks - Emma Bull - Returned
Wizard of the Pidgeons - Megan Lindholm -Returned
Spiderman 2 ( DVD ) - returned

Tom Clancy without remorse
Fritz Leiber swords series 1
Battlestar Galactica new series seasons 1 and 2 (1 returned)
The Games People Play
Twisting the Rope - R A MacAvoy?
Prince of Persia 3D (game)
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the ring (Game)

The Phoenix Guards - Steven Brust
Sundiver, Starting Rising. Brightness Reef, The Uplift War - David Brin
Smoke and Mirrors - Neil Gaiman
Helliconia Winter - Brian Aldiss
The folk of the air - Peter Beagle
Yhe Dispossessed - Ursula Le Guin
Mercedes Lackey - Magic series (3)
Katherine Kerr series of 10
Ocean's Twelve (returned)


Freespace 2
?Grunts - Mary Gentle


A Song Of Ice And Fire


Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett
The Hitch Hikers Guide to The Galaxy
World War in the Balance - Turtledove
Bujold - Louis McMaster?

Rev. Andrew Brown

Red Mars
Mindstar Rising

Xarak ( Jamie Horder )

Bare Faced Messiah - Russel Miller


The 'Powers' comics (first 9 graphic novel collections)


Zhuangzi Speaks (returned)


"Heros Die", by Mathew Woodring Stover
"Blade of Tyshalle", by Mathew Woodring Stover (returned)
"Thraxas", by Martin Scott (returned - do you want the rest of the series?)
"A point of Honor", by Dorothy J. Heyd (returned)
Incorrectly returned: "Factoring Humanity" owned by Mr and Mrs Wakeling
Buffy, seasons 1, 2 and 3, 4 & 5 - lent and returned,  6&7 now passed to SusanThomas?
Thraxas at the Races
The Misenchanted Sword, Lawrence Watt-Evans


Mercedes Lackey - The Oathbound - Returned
Master & Commander- Returned
Fiddler on the roof- Returned
Nausicaa- Returned
Domino- Returned
The Mask of Zorro- Returned
Gladiator- Returned
Carlito's Way- Returned
The Good, The Bad and the Ugly- Returned
Spiderman 2- Returned
Th Negotiator- Returned
Otherland 2 - trasd willians
charles stross - jenner morgue, the atrocity archive


Borrowed: DVD  "Brotherhood of the Wolf"
Professionsals DVDs - 4 seasons


Charles Stross - The Atrocity Archives
Charles Stross - The Jennifer Morgue
David Gemmell - Shield Of Thunder


23rd December 2001
Alliance of Light, Book 1 - Fugative Prince
Alliance of Light, Book 2 - Grand Conspiracy


8th March 2009
The Duchess


3rd October 2009
Blade Runner (on VHS)



Laurell K. Hamilton, Anita Blake series 1-4 - will borrow in future
Kristin Cashore, Fire & Graceling - will borrow in future
Charles Stross, Halting State, Rule 34 - will borrow in future
Brian Vaughan, The Last Man 1-10 - returned
Carey Gross, Lucifer 1-11 -returned
Cj Cherryh - Fires of Azeroth, Gate of Ivrel, Well of Shiuan

Paula Brown

2015-07-17  Gifted VHS tapes:

First Knight
Red Dwarf 1 & 2
Deadly Engagement
Who will love my children?

Paddy Freer

Alex Churchill





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