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Bobacus has seen this used to indicate unsuccessful speech. e.g. "blah blah blah", said A. "..." said B. "..." is as far as he got before some distrastrous event (E) happened. Can't remember if I saw this first in a DouglasAdams or TerryPratchett book.
When in manga a speech bubble has nothing but an ellipsis in it, it usually refers to someone being speechless. Sometimes it just means the reverse, that someone is talking lots but what they say is irrelevant. In confusing fashion. Context usually makes it clear which is meant. --AC

Also FlameRider's Sidereal Character.  Y'know, since the page is here anyway.
Chosen of Saturn? -- Senji
Jupiter, as a matter of fact.

CategoryLanguage, CategoryAbbreviation, LeafPage, CategoryVoices :-), CategoryGratuitous?
Hardly, gratiuitous would be going around and using SearchAndReplace to create ... (Does anyone ever actually use &elips;)?  --Vitenka
Don't you mean …? -- Senji
HTML typesetting is happy to split ". . ." across lines, which it will not do with ....  For this reason the element, which few browsers support and fewer authors ever bother using, exists.  (&ellipsis; or &elips;)  --Vitenka (Unsure whether it's in official specs, anyway)
(PeterTaylor) I think it should be … (… - works in Safari (i.e. KHTML) where &elips; and &ellipsis; don't).

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