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DouglasReay lives at 1, Chesterfield Road, Cambridge, CB4 1LN



On 2003-10-18 20:00 onwards  there will be a party, of the Barbecue and drinks variety, to which everyone I know is hereby invited.

That's Not Today

It will probably go on until well past midnight, but if you turn up early there may still be some mead left. (If you turn up too early, like miles before 8, you may get hooked into helping setup :-)

If you think you are likely to come, an email to douglasr at chiark.greenend.org.uk beforehand would be appreciated so I have a rough idea of how much food to get, but it is by no means required - the more the merrier.

Fun and or interesting items always appreciated. (for example, bottles of drink)

Anyone got preferences for what sort of meats gets BBQ'ed?  I have at least one vegetarian coming - suggestions? (so far: sweetcorn and potatos)
I've done courgettes, tomatoes and mushrooms on a skewer before. No idea whether it was edible or not, I was eating the meat myself. If you're thinking of Alex, he isn't strictly veggie - he likes cheese wrapped in bacon, for instance :) Eggs wrapped in foil and put straight on the coals for a bit can work too, apparently, although I've never tried it myself. - MoonShadow
Bacon-wrapped cheese seems to go down really well for some reason. 3/4 to 1 inch cubes of mature cheddar, wrap each with a rasher of smoked bacon, and skewer with a cocktail stick to keep together. Cook them early, and quickly, when the fire's hot. Crisps the bacon a bit, and jut melts the cheese. I'll happily do some, and bring it along... -- TI
Wow, please do, sounds fantastic --DouglasReay

MoonShadow'll eat anything :) D'you want a hand with some of the meat? I could make up some burger mix, or do a marinade..
I'm ok on burger mix, but a marinade sounds great - I never got the hang of them. --DouglasReay
..about a dozen skewers' worth coming up ;) - MoonShadow

Thank you to everyone who turned up.  I have vague memories of offering to teach  /QuarterstaffLessons?

A very pleasent Evening, thankyou for your hospitality and sorry for getting drunk at various people. I blame the mead - Edith

Items left behind:
Yup, thass'mine. I was considering coming over today, but things were quite manic with the MagicTheGathering event. Might be simplest if you could bring it to GamesEvening (in EmmanuelCollege) on Tuesday?  --AC
Sure, I'll bring it on Tuesday. --DR

I think these are mine - they had "extreme gear" embroidered on them, which I unpick a bit of whenever I get bored.  Can I retrieve them at some point, please? -- NickTaylor
That's them.  Would GamesEvening or WednesdayAnime work for you, Nick? --DR
I should be at WednesdayAnime if I can get caught up on LastExile.  Oh, the hardship... --NT
Bring them to GE, and I'll collect them on his behalf. -- TI

On 2005-05-22 weather was nice.  Kitiara had just had her birthday, so we held an impromptu BBQ.  Thank you to all who turned up, despite such short notice.
Thank you both for being such good hosts! --Tsunami
Yes much enjoyment was had by all. --Steve
And much food, don't forget the food! --Tsunami
The food goes without saying after all you could probably see it from the other side of cambridge. --Steve
Steve - I think you left a bowl behind that used to contain rice.  Where can I return it to you? --DR
oh yes, if you could bring it to WednesdayAnime that would be great. --Steve
Good food, drink, company and bed. Thanks for the invite! ^_^ --Taz

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