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An online co-operative adventure game.
Quite definitely not an MMORPG, however it looks quite lot like one!  (Same structure as PhantasyStarOnline - lobby areas where you can chat with everyone then get together in a small group to complete a mission.)

[A link may be useful], as might an indication of whether it's free or not. --CH
Pay for the client, pay for expansion packs, free to play.  --Vitenka (The FPS? model)

A good guild helps, especially once ascended.

Tsunami has been playing for a while now, and is enjoying it. The biggest problem is getting a like-levelled group of people together for long enough to finish a quest (best excuse for leaving the group yet: "I have to go, my wife wants sex".
I kid you not).

It might be an idea if those who play put their character names below so that we can maybe form groups:

Tsunami plays using the character name: Maia Follen, and now as several other characters including an Assasin (Caen Thule Carenor) and a Ritualist (Aiam Rizzen). I have now started a Dervish called Michelle Ha Lonn for use in Nightfall when it comes out.
Steve plays as: Halaku Remiel.
I'm playing as Alia Menora.  --Vitenka
Pallando's characters are Luna Kelthansdottir (Mo/N), Tel Varence (W/Mo?) and Trinity Glow (E/Me?)

The special edition unlocks are for PVP-only characters only.  This release does not allow you to create factions characters.  You do have access to the item storage facility, and (as of last week) your title screen loudly proclaims "Guildwars - Factions".  This is kinda confusing.  --Vitenka

To cash your special account unlocks in, you have to first go through a fairly strange process of entering the extra key and attaching it to your account.  You then have to get at least as far in the main plot as lions-arch, and then you can travel to the great temple, where you can cash it in.  --Vitenka
I have to admit that I don't play any PVP, which limits the amount of game play undoubtedly. I just don't like playing in groups with other players (that I don't know already), and have managed to do more than 90% of the (PvE?) game with henches. Lions arch is quite a long way into the game, it is a little surprising that you have to get that far before you can cash in. --Tsunami
It's actually the temple you get to by ship that you need to go to - lions arch is the first place I found that can let you get there.  Maybe starting a PVP character gets you there earlier?  --Vitenka
I think they expect you to already have an account, and be buying it as an addon.  I'm doing all the exploration with NPCs, but so far all of the mainline mission quests with pick up groups.  (And have to go back and redo Kryta because the guy carrying the bonus dropped out mid mission...)  The way the game forces you to learn what you're doing single player, and slowly releases more and more powers to you before letting you have use them in pvp seems sensible.  Not that I've tried pvp yet.  --Vitenka (Who just unlocked distracting shot and blind.  Muahahaha...)

More notes for newbies (ie. me):

/SignetOfCapture? does not work the way the manual says it works, thank goodness.  Kill the boss and then use it whilst standing near its corpse.  Don't worry about the badguy not being the right class or having nothing you much want - it tells you what's available, then you can just cancel and you don't lose the signet.  (My manual implies that you're supposed to use it as the badguy casts the skill you want to steal!)  --Vitenka
I think that was the way it used to work, but it was found to be too difficult to cap the skills for many. --Tsunami
When you get to lions arch there's a bunch of other quest givers scattered around the landscape, just like there were back in your first two cities.  And they've got important skills to teach you.
A repeating motif though the game, there is always someone to buy skills from in citys (tho not Elite skills, you have to locate the right boss, and SoC? it to him to get those :) --Tsunami
You usually have to get to the next city to buy them, it seems.  (Though there are still a few I've not found through quest yet)  My point was, there's a bit of a dry spell between Ascalon and Lions Arch where there aren't many off the main-line quests; and the ones that there are are pretty much useless.  This changes for the better again at lions arch.  --Vitenka (Wondering what to use the second signet on...)
You can "yoink" the signet of healing from Sir Bertram in Ascalon city, however, it does reduce your armour by -40 which is quite a big hit. --Tsunami
Allow me to clarify - no I can't, he won't sell it to me, only to warriors - but it's allegedly cross class :)  (Or maybe he will, but I need to do something to unlock him first)  It is a big hit, all of my armour.  I was thinking it as an emergency thing.  --Vitenka
Then you will only be able to get if your secondary is a warrior. To change your secondary profession, you need to get through to the crystal dessert, and complete several profession changer quests. Once you have done that, you can change and get skills that you couldn't before. --Tsunami
So it's not an "Any class" skill (like signet of ressurection or capture) - I was told all of the signets anyone could have.  Darn.  --Vitenka (Still on quest 7/25, not changing yet, if ever.)
[this] page says it is a warrior class skill, based on Tactics, and therefore available once you have Warrior as your secondary profession. GuildWiki? is a great place to get lots of answers about pretty much everything to do with Guild Wars :) --tsunami

My manual still talks about refund points, which do not exist any more.  I can click skills to decrease them - is this free?  Am I in for an unpleasant surprise, or can I jiggle them around whenever I feel like it?  --Vitenka (Out of date manuals have to be the number two reason it's hard to recruit new players to online games, the playerbase being the number one...)

Sorry for missing the Sunday event, my network connection was up and down like a frog with the hiccups.  I couldn't stay connected for more five minutes at a time.
From what I did see though, I'm afraid to say - highly unimpressed with the new release.  It's very pretty, but it's just more of the same.  Add in annoying micromanagement of your new henchthing (though at leat they finally respond to MiniMap? pings) and extremely painful starting skills for the new classes (the paragon is a minimax nightmare, requiring synergy between its skills to get anywhere) and frankly, I'm now less interested in a game I was happily enjoying up to now.  Which is perverse of me, of course.  --Vitenka (time to game being dead to me - almost a month, pretty good.)
I rather enjoyed it.  I just finished the last quest which tells you "Thank you for playing the Guild Wars Nightfall World Preview Event".  It actually feels better put together than factions in some aspects.  I'm looking forwards to seeing the new main continent - I suspect it is going to be an ongoing military campaign with perhaps some large set piece battles. --Pallando

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