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Fantasy, featuring a feline and vulpine bounty hunter pair. Acquires some plot towards the end, but isn't particularly heavy. Very cute.

I always thought he was lupine? --Mjb67

I meant Sakura the eight-and-a-half-tailed fox, not Batanen-the-werewolf - the latter's partner is Tommy, who is also a wolf. - MoonShadow
Awww...  And there was I trying to work out what a werefolf would look like :)  Anyhow *puts on the wiki PedantryHat?* he doesn't change so he's not a were-anything.  I thought Tommy was more dog than wolf, but I guess the distinction would be hard to argue --Kazuhiko
Batanen calls himself a werewolf. He reacts appropriately to full moons and has werewolf-like healing powers. Tommy proclaims himself to be a wolf, not a dog, at every available opportunity. *shrug* - MoonShadow
Sorry :/  You're absolutely right about Batanen (KazuNoBaka).  I still think Tommy was more dog, but it would fit for him to declare himself a wolf either way :) --Kazuhiko

I obviously haven't seen enough of it - I misremembered Natsuki's partner as Batanen.--Mjb67
According to the page linked further down, Batanen is her partner, and Sakura is her other partner. Tommy is Batanen's brother.

Ok, I yield - we obviously didn't already have a page on this.  I got the name with the apparantly NotToBeConfusedWith GalaxyPolice? (humm, we don't have a page on that either.  GalaxyRangers??).  Now, would someone explain to me what the heck you're all talking about, and why I've never heard of it?  --Vitenka

Hyper Police is an anime by Keiji Gotoh (Nadesico, Gatekeepers) based on a manga by MEE originally serialised in Kadokawa's Dragon Magazine.  The 9th Hyper Police book came out May 1st 2003, so it's still running (started in 1993) :-)

It has an anthropomorphic sci-fi cop theme.  That's all you need to know.  And Batanen rocks.

[Hyper Police Anime Gallery] (if you can cope with the odd falling graphic thingies...) --Kazuhiko (who has just had a lot of fun imagining reading this page from the point of view of not knowing anything about the series ^^;;)
SciFi? Fantasy? It's kinda both, really - there's magic, and there's FlyingCar? thingies. - MoonShadow
It's a SciFantasy? version of YoureUnderArrest? where everyone has big ears?!  MindBoggle?.  ...  {ModemStartsSmoking?}  --Vitenka
Another one that you need to watch then, after GetBackers, eh? --Mjb67
Um yes.  Time is becoming an issue, now that bandwidth and storage space are not.  Has anyone else given up on removable media, after realising how cheap hard-drives are, by the way?  --Vitenka
Yeah.  Unfortunately though I don't think you'll be able to get HyperPolice online :-( --Mjb67
I probably shouldn't do this at work, but... oooh!  Actual DVD release?  Better still :)  --Vitenka  (And I'd not be so sure - not everyone is as good about unreleasing stuff once its officially licensed as they should be.  A lot of people are starting to release 'here is the whole first series' type torrents now.)  But it sounds good and looks bad enough to find the dvd ;)
Ah yes, UnitedPublications have it in their catalogue.  17 per DVD. --Mjb67

Well goodness.  This IS derogatory stuff.  And real media really is as horrible as I remembered.  ... DVD Purchasing we go...  Derogatory is good!  --Vitenka (Won't be able to find it online... pfah.  Everything is online.)


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