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Surreal, sweet, school comedy.  Like AzumangaDaioh, but a little more ecchi.  (Still definitely emphasis on the "sweet" and "comedy" though.)
A *little*? Ew. A *lot*. Not bad, I suppose, if you like that sort of thing, though. Just want to register my disagreement with the above understatement >;) - SunKitten
Sunkitten - see [this diary entry from Kaja Foglio] discussing these issues. --Pallando
Interesting post, although she's talking about MahouSenseiNegima?, which is the latest from the creator of LoveHina. I still maintain that IMyMeStrawberryEggs overdoes it on the extreme side, but can't comment on Negima, never having seen/read it - SunKitten

An unemployed teacher wants to get a job with the fancy girls' school up the road; unfortunately, the domineering headmistress will only let women work there.  So the guy conspires with his landlady (who's terrifying, psychotic, demented, and utterly cool) to dress up as a woman to try to get a job in the school.

Wasn't that the plot of a CarryOnFilm?
A CarryOnFilm?

And why does he want the job that badly?
Simply put, to prove the headmistress wrong about men

And... what the Hell does the title mean anyway?


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