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A very sweet, somewhat WAFFy, arguably Shoujo anime and manga, about a SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter who finds himself living in a house full of girls while trying to get into university after having failed twice. Good for watching to remind yourself that hey - some people have it worse.  A good example of the comedy genre HaremAnime.

The characters are deliberate riffs on the genre stereotypes. Naru Narusegawa is a ChildhoodFriend? of the SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter, and she's also a massive TsunDere to boot; she's also the brilliant bookworm who nobody recognises when she's got her study glasses on. Shinobu is the shy, nervous younger girl who loves cooking; Motoko is the samurai girl and the classic example of the older meaning of TsunDere, what's now known as [Defrosting Ice Queen]; Kitsune is the seductive drunk girl, etc.

But for all that, it does have plot, and character development. It also has buckets of FanService, and alternates on a regular basis between using the genre clichés and snapping them in half.

"Arguably" Shoujo: because on the one hand, it's blatant male-wish-fulfillment, features a bevy of beautiful girls, and most episodes feature a hot-springs scene or two where these girls are wearing very little; and on the other hand, it's very much character-centred, with a strong romance theme, and significant amounts of the characterisation is of the friendships / relationships between the girls.

People who'd consider this Shoujo: GreenOpal, FlameRider, (add your name here)
People who'd consider this Shounen: AlexChurchill, Kazuhiko, (add your name here)

AlexChurchill has seen this genre described as "Shounen Romance".


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