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When I was younger, IUsedToThinkThat:

(Add your own pre-disabused notions at the top of the list.)

I thought it was 'mizzled' :) - SunKitten
I know someone who pronounced "Fatigue" as "Fatty-goo" for a long while... --Vitenka
On the subject of pronounciation, paradigm was para-dij-em and pseudonym was sway-doe-nym for quite a while until embarrasingly corrected.  Fortunately now I can just claim any mispronounciations are just the English way of saying it and get away with it... --K
My Mother-in-Law pronounces baguette as bag-you-ate --Garbled
...and the main character of AroundTheWorldInEightyDays? was called "Willy Fog".  "Phileas" is too tough for children, don'tcha know.
That's one of the better mishearings I have heard of.  --Vitenka  (Rathergood's butcher song is nice, too.)
Oh, please let's have a whole ToothyWiki MisheardSongLyrics? page. I have loads at home, which I can paste in tonight. --Rachael
You might find [this site] interesting, then. Although possibly not very. --CH
LyricalOddities seems to exist.. - MoonShadow
So, er, what's the real lyric? - SunKitten, ignorant
"I'm easy like..."  --Vitenka  ([Found it]

SeeAlso: YesterdayILearnt, TodayIAmMostly

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