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The maximum informational content of a stream of data is the minimum length program required to generate that stream. (See KolmogorovComplexity?)
You can recode the stream using any coding system you desire, without changing its informational content.
Pardon? (What if I desire a lossy system, say?) --Bobacus
If you desire a lossy system, you're going to have to work really, really hard to get it to generate the stream of data. --Angoel
If you have a bucket that can hold a gallon, you can't say "Oh, it can hold three gallons if I throw away two of them".  Well, you can... but I think the analogy holds.  If, however, you are complaining about the 'any system you desire' line, then you're just nitpicking, and the word 'coding' has been added to satisfy you.  --Vitenka
I don't think either is the case. AIUI, Bobacus is theoretically wanting to use a lossy format like jpeg. If you have an image, you can recode it as jpeg but in the process you will lose some of the information content, thus you have changed the information content of the stream by using a certain coding system. OTOH, I think Bobacus is being slightly pedantic - I'm happy to assume the word 'lossless' in there... - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) While pedantry is in the air, please permit me to point out that there is a lossless JPEG encoding.
Pidant!  --Vitenka (WhateverHappenedTo?: JPIG?)
Spent too long looking for images of truffles? --Tsunami

Entropy is the inverse quantity of information.

Information can never be created.  (Or, equivalently, entropy can only increase)

Hence, we can prove that the ToothyWiki is only going to become more random as time goes on... --Kazuhiko
Not true - ToothyWiki is not a closed system.  Hence order can be introduced into ToothyWiki, but only at the expense of introducing more chaos into the rest of the universe than is removed from ToothyWiki.  *light dawns* so that's what CategorySerialCategorisers and CategoryRampantOverCategorisers are hoping to achieve! *thinks* Aargh!! Stop it!! There's already enough chaos in this world... --MJ

Not to be confused with QuantumInformationTheory.
Surely that's a branch of this? --Bobacus
It's more a superset. --Angoel


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