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That's "Kino's Travels" ("Kino no Tabi" / "キノの旅") in non WikiSpeak?.

Episode 0 (a 12.5 minute 'preview') has been out for a while but I've only just got round to watching it.


A boy (Kino) travels through the world on his motorbike (Elmes), seemingly just to see what there is to see.  From the preview, I'm guessing this is going to consist of showing many of the different cultures in the world he lives.

I've no idea what else to say, but the world view we have been given so far certainly looks interesting...

Has anyone seen more?  Any comments?

Yet another YokohamaKaidashiKikou-style anime. The style seems to be becoming quite fashionable, which is no bad thing in MoonShadow's opinion. MoonShadow has seen episodes 0, 1 and 2 now; 3 is sitting around waiting to be watched. It's rather excellent - vaguely disturbing philosophical self-contained plots. They remind MoonShadow a little of RayBradbury? short stories, or maybe (heresy alert!) the LittlePrince if Exupery had been depressive (althouth Kino is very streetwise and aloof, and travels through countries where things are exaggerated to extremes, whereas the LittlePrince's inexperience was one of his defining qualities and the LittlePrince met and reacted to vaguely-plausibly-ordinary people, so perhaps not.)

I really like it (but then, I really like KokoroLibrary, so many people have learned to be wary of my taste in anime...). Relaxing, nice characters, and an interesting background. My biggest issue with it, though (at least from seeing episodes 0 and 1), is the overuse of exposition. I wasn't quite yelling "ShowDontTell!" at the screen during episode one, but it was a close thing; I'm watching the series to see the cultures Kino visits, not to be told about them. But perhaps - I hope - I'm jumping to the wrong conclusions. I'll certainly re-evaluate them when I've seen the next couple of episodes.

Some miscellaneous other information: The series will be 13 episodes, it's based on either a set of manga or a set of novels (I haven't worked out which yet), and it's been licensed already by ADVision? (hardly seems like their style). The two guns are called "/Cannon?" and "/MoriNoHito". Also, I'm pretty certain the bike's name is meant to be /Hermes?; some of the early translators got that one wrong.

- tjm

Having just watched ep4, I can only say that this series just gets better and better. In this ep, we see how Kino and Hermes (Elmes) met, and find out something very interesting about Kino.

The first novel has ISBN 4840215855 on amazon.co.jp.

Eps up to 7 are now around on bittorrent.. MoonShadow has them, but hasn't had a chance to watch them yet.

CUCAS has started showing this (they've got to episode 4), and I'm loving it.  Kino is a great character, with a rather screwed-up seeming but strangely compelling worldview. --Edwin


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