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PeterTaylor was wondering a while back whether it was possible to acquire these in Cambridge. He discovered today that the hardware shop / sub post office in Arbury Court sells them. So now you know.

This is useful, because a dead MouseTrap isn't much good for anything besides jewelry.  --Vitenka

What do you intend to do with your live mouse or mice once you've caught them?
The same thing we do every night, Pinky..
If your plan is to attach a lead and plug it into your PC, I suspect some biology lessons may be in order...
I tried and tried but never could catch one with glasses... --K
Just because the mouse wears glasses doesn't automatically mean it's a biology professor, Kazuhiko. Even if it is, you can't be sure he'd have time to teach you. I understand these academics tend to get fed up with teaching and wish they had more time for their research. --AlexChurchill

The general idea is to give it a chance of surviving in the wild rather than kill it directly.
I would have thought that rather defeated the prupose of catching it in the first place.  But they're small cute and fuzzy and hence... Ah.  I just created an inadvertant MentalImage?.  --RunAndHide
Argh. You are thoroughly evil. I will now RunAndHide in the opposite direction, to escape...

My understanding is, that if you find a mouse in your house, or at least if it stays any length of time, it's a House Mouse by species.  House Mice are not native to this country and don't tend to survive very long outdoors especially in cold weather.  This leaves your mouse two possible options.  #1) Die.  #2) Come back inside your, or someone else's, house and get on with scoffing and peeing on your food.
We had mice come in from the garden during winter (definatly a diferent species than house mice). Unfortunetally the LiveCaptureMouseTraps didn't work and the LethalMouseTraps managed to get only one of them, so we called in the council and they used poison. No more mouse problem. -- Edith

... You can categorise mouse species by where they live?  Cool!  I guess a HouseMouse? is a NIMBY problem.  Frankly, I think they're a great idea since they save on pet food and keep your cat exercised.  --Vitenka
Erm, by definition I'd've thought it was a NIMH problem.  Having established that House Mice die in yards...
Surely rats are the NIMH problem?
Shhhh! It's a secret. --Admiral

Getting a cat is a good way of getting rid of mouse... but you'll end up with a cat problem. I suggest learning to play a magical pipe to lure all the mouse into the river and persuade them to not remember how to swim. -ColinLeung

I knew an old woman who swallowed a fly... I don't know why she swallowed a fly.  Perhaps she'll die.  Anyway.  You can never have too many cats.  Unless you're swallowing them, in which case the limit is about four.  --Vitenka
Quoted. Our family doesn't swallow them, but otherwise agrees with you, having had 11 cats at one point.  (3 normally, and two of them got pregnant and had their litters within 3 days of each other, hence getting completely confused about who was whose mother and who was just their aunt.)  ISTR AngelaRayner also speculating about keeping about 17 cats on her balcony at one point also...  --AlexChurchill
I thought that was goats? --SF
Did she ever find a goat2cat utility, or did she abandon the plan for other reasons? (MJ, having had an edit conflict with SF.  And btw, why do SF and AC automatically reify when MJ still requires double brackets?)
You're missing the --  --Anything? makes a link, as a sig thing.  Nifty, no?

I saw a little mouse with clogs on, well I declare 3NT and open with the ace of clubs. --Garbled
If you're declaring, you really shouldn't be opening. --CH


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