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A mathematical software company who produce MATLAB, Simulink, StateFlow?, and other such mathematical products.  Lots of EngineeringStudents? use these pieces of software.

For the HighPerformanceComputing? market, they produce the [Distributed Computing Toolbox] which AlexChurchill works on. It lets you run your programs on many computers at once, optionally communicating with one another via MPI?. They're looking for software developers in DistributedComputing?, so see me (AlexChurchill) if you want a recommendation (if I know you at least vaguely).

The software is used by Jaguar, Bentley, Ford, Toyota, and every other automotive company known to man (it seems), to design embedded controllers inside their new cars.  (AlexChurchill used to work in a MathWorks team working with these automotive companies.) It's also used by the MinistryOfDefence? and BritishAerospace.  They've used MathWorks products for designing quite a number of their recent deathmongering products.  And they're using MathWorks products for designing new things, the details of which I could tell you, ButThenIdHaveToKillYou?.

As an employer, MathWorks are really surprisingly good.  They're the least Dilbert-like IT company I've ever seen or heard of.  They actually value the employees' contributions; they have a very "flat" management structure (my boss's boss is the MD of the company), and anyone can talk to the MD or any manager any time they like, pretty much; they have programming practices showing they actually care about the quality of their code, and the way their customers see it; they have a rather impressive automated-testing system of new source code submissions; and so on.  They're good people to work for.

Do they have jobs going atm? -- Senji

Yes, as it happens they do. http://www.mathworks.co.uk/company/jobs/opportunities/ is the place to go to see them. If anyone who I know applies, then let me know and I'll put in a good word for you :) --AlexChurchill

CB4 0HH ;  01223 226700;  [official UK] and [US websites]

MathWorks? Not when I try it, I find --CURSWiki: Androidkiller
Have you been trying it on Tuesdays? It doesn't work on Tuesdays - see Hawk, about halfway down. --CH
It doesn't seem to work on days that end in y, to be honest. --CURSWiki: Androidkiller

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