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Ex MathMo from ChurchillCollege, now working for DataConnection?.

Hawk likes:

going to Church at WesleyMethodistChurch, and is an active member of MethSoc.
karting, especially in Club100Karts?.
navigating in ClubmansRallies?.
playing GrandPrixLegends and other RacingGames on his 'puter, for which he has a SteeringWheel?.  (Not surprisingly, Hawk is a member of [CUAC])
ARRRGH, the downshift paddle on my SteeringWheel? is broken :-(  I might actually have to do some CATAM now.
Nooooo! The fewer people who do CATAM, the more value it gives the marks of those of us who do!
No... we just need lots of people to try to do it very badly and then surely they'll moderate us up just like in A-levels?  In fact, we should persuade every Dick and Harry in the country to hand in some poor CATAM to the CMS on the appropriate day!  (Not Toms, they're too good at this sort of thing...)  It may not work, but it would be funny...
How about we get everyone in the year to promise not to revise for the exams?  That way we all end up with about the same mark as we would've got anyway, but don't have to spend all that time working :-)
Tried to persuade people of this in my second year, but the harsh cold masses of Trinity refused to listen.  Stuck to my policy, but didn't have enough converts and just dropped down a grade from first year.  I suppose they were all mathmo enough to realise it's a prisoners dilemma.  A new plan may be needed before finals.  Perhaps I can find someone to pretend to die in my exam... - Sally
Poisoned darts.  --Vitenka
drinking Coffee (but not instant), especially at Indigos.
drinking RealAle and SingleMalt.
attending HistoryOfMathematicsLectures.
Who are you then? Or at least where do you sit?- ChrisHowlett
Front row, drinking whisky normally.
He's terribly applied.  The two of you might not have met.  He's the one with Jon Amery's beard - Sally
Came to GE recently and played Chrononauts with me?
Errm, seems plausible, if you were the not-Carys, not-Jon person playing.
That would be me, yes

MagicTheGathering - well, he did, and people have been talking about it so much I thought I might dig my cards out.  I might even put some trades up soon (though I'm beginning to worry about the fact that I'm totally unconcerned that I've done about 1 days work total this holiday).

Hawk dislikes:

Tuesdays, becuase Maths doesn't work on Tuesdays.

Why not? -- Senji
My guess would be it's taking the day off so as to be ready for all the fun and games that InterdimensionalWednesday will bring. -- Vitenka
I don't know, my cousin first noticed the phenomenon, but its certainly true. Last week I was working for most of Tuesday and didn't get very far so ended up not finishing til about half 1 on Wednesday morning.  Once midnight had passed things became noticeably easier (there are alternative explanations involving CaffeineOverdoseTheory, but I don't believe them). -- Hawk

Hawk thought he'd start playing with MoonShadow's new language.  Results might be here sometime Hawk/Robots.


Then Hawk got distracted by writing another web game.  Results are [here].  It's a space trading and piracy game, a bit like a turn based strategy Elite maybe, but you own a fleet of ships rather than being a lone fighter.  Currently we are in a development phase with features being added quickly (and hence it is occasionally a bit broken), but I expect we'll run another month long game with a stable feature set after Christmas.


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