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In reality,: a tawdry, rather battered-looking nightclub with a model of a windmill on top. Love may be all you need, but you won't find it there. The real world disappoints again.

Love it or loathe it.  There are very few who fall between.
Refuse to watch it?
Ditto - never seen it, never intended to and not seen any reason to change my mind.  It's about a windmill or something, isn't it?  --Vitenka (All my culture comes from WebComics.  Scary, no?)
Not much scarier than all one's culture and history+classics knowledgecoming from computer games.  And no, it's not about a windmill: it's about a turn-of-the-century French cabaret club called the Moulin Rouge.  Except it's not, it's just set in one.  It's about a scriptwriter and an actress/singer.  Except it's not, it just stars them.  It's about pure audiovisual overload in style.  --AlexChurchill, who doesn't normally go for that kind of thing either, but makes an exception in MoulinRouge's case
I saw it and didn't like it; it was a pretty, glitzy vehicle for its stars. Style over substance, but if they were going to do that, why didn't they get people who could sing competently? The supporting cast and even the scenery managed effortlessly to outperform the male lead. --Requiem
Umm... DiCaprio? isn't in MoulinRouge... - SunKitten, who also quite enjoyed the film
Ooops, that's not who I meant! (edited to look less silly ^^;;) The male lead, whatshisname. I confuse him constantly with Caprio. --Requiem
Ewan McGregor?. Yeah. Him. --Requiem, who still ends up looking silly

I had been led to believe (by A-level French teacher), that moulin rouge is the generic name for the parisian red-light district. We always had interesting french lessons -- Garbled. Swore i wouldn't see it, then saw it. It's the kind of film which I really wish I detested, but I actually quite liked.

Half movie, half musical, half theatre, half tragedy, half comedy...  And 100% style
It's by Baz Lurhman.  That's enough to put me off for life.  I still shudder when I remember RomeoAndJuliet?...  --FR
Hey, I enjoyed that.. although I'm quite miffed at some of the bits they left out and the use of DiCaprio? in general.. ^^; - MoonShadow
I thought that Luhrmann's R&J was a well-done example of what it was - but what it was, was a dumbed-down hatchet job. I'm afraid I don't like it when actors (a) mispronounce, (b) scream unintelligibly or (c) (and worst) misunderstand Shakespearean lines. Such sound and fury! But that's possibly a discussion for another page. --Requiem
Sorry, I was referring particularly to the complete and utter screwing up of the ending.  Having them see each other alive just before Romeo dies?  Somehow, I don't think Shakespeare would appreciate that.  --FR
Whyever not? Never one not to milk it, our Will.


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