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Insane mockery of lots of things, mostly GundamWing and NeonGenesisEvangelion.
The true irony of this is that some shows now mock/parody Nadesico...
Ah, it's postmodern.  Then you get something post-post-modern.  Then  comes something so artsy it disappears up its own arse - and then things get back to being funny naturally, before a new round of mockeries start and the cycle continues.  The eternal wheel of art/funny/mock/critique/ponce  Or something.

Crew of nitwits, on the worlds most powerful spaceship, fighting against the JovianLizards?.

There's a rather odd plot, which is hinted at throughout.  But forget that.

It's got three things going for it:

1. Ruri.
2. Silliness and humour.  This is SlayersInSpace? (but not the actual SlayersInSpace? which is the SlayersSeries plot but not half as much of the silliness, this is the silliness but not the plot)
3. Ruri.

Ah, we have a RuriFanBoy in our midst.  Someone pass the shotgun please.
I originally had three points in mind, but I forgot one of them before the end.  So I said that I'd forgotten, and that I was an idiot, and the rest followed.  I dunno - I just think 90% of all anime would be massively improved by someone thwacking the main characters and telling them that they are being stupid every five minutes or so.  SlayersSeries certainly was.
Ah, the eternal Anime motto, "ApplyClueMalletHere?"

Having seen the first four episodes in Bournemouth (thanks GreenOpal!! ^_^), AlexChurchill thoroughly approves.  It manages to keep switching between silliness or blatant parody (in ExcelSaga or EarthDefenderMaoChan style), and definite character development.  It moves on at a pretty decent speed, too - certainly at the end of each of episodes 2, 3 and 4 I was thinking "I wasn't expecting them to have done that this early in the series".  It strongly reminds me of IrresponsibleCaptainTylor, but somehow seeming simultaneously more silly and more serious.  This is a good thing.


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