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Fan of Ruri, the small child from Nadesico who calls people "baka" and (almost) never smiles or shows emotion. Not to be confused with a ReiFanBoy?, a fan of Rei Ayanami, the girl from NeonGenesisEvangelion who (almost) never smiles or shows emotion. She doesn't call people "baka".

The debate remains as to which of a RuriFanBoy and a ReiFanBoy? is worse.

The intermingling of the two makes such debates complicated however...

Uh, can you be a fanboy when you can't remember the name?  Who is Rei and which series is it from?
AyanamiRei?, from Evangelion.  The original AutisticAngstGirl?.  And I didn't mean to imply that you are a ReiFanBoy?, it's just that they are basically based on the same thing...

Oh!  The one who dies every episode!  ;)  Mmm.. dunno.  Rei actually has a character, while Ruri just seems to be there to milk 'ooh, small child' type sympathy.  And, after all, nothing bad happens to most of the Nadesico.  I won't argue that the two aren't based off the same idea for a character though.  I'd think 'angst' is a strange way to say it.  I'd mentally classed Ruri more as a SarcasticTalkingCat than as angsty.

Uhh... Umm... No.  Or was that smiley sarcastic??  You're talking about Hyatt from ExcelSaga.  And, believe me, the audience for Ruri were (for at least 95% of them) not thinking 'ohh, small child' >.< - Kazuhiko
Smiley was indeed sarcastic - I think the two are somewhat based on one another.  And don't try to spoil my Sunshine and Rabbit view of life.

see also Nadesico, NeonGenesisEvangelion
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