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I seem to have picked up some quotes.

Rating system in use. Please feel free to browse these quotes from the Edit page rather than normal viewing. If there are quotes you feel are particularly good, prepend a Image: 46 symbol to the start of them. If there are quotes you feel are particularly bad, prepend a ~ symbol. Those with several Image: 46 s will at some point be collected to form a Best Of. Those with several ~s may at some point be removed. Please don't cancel the symbols out: something with "Image: 46 ~~ Image: 46" is more informative than if it had no markings.


(I've forgotten who said these, unfortunately)

[The weak interaction is] completely irrelevant, except for the fact that it allows the Sun to burn.

So, that was general relativity.  Any questions on that before we go on to quantum mechanics?


Missiles do deadly damage, right? --Artan

I'm glad I skimped on the DocWagon? contract now. --Edith (having taken a missile to the forehead)

[Edith's] already spoiled our fun by not allowing me to describe scenes. --NT

Edith: Notice the mecha-codpiece!
Inquisitor: Notice the Spandex shorts!

NT: It's sort of a cathartic experience.
Inquisitor: That's one word for it.

New Year's party

NT: Best friend or favourite enemy?
Inquisitor: You haven't broken any of his bones yet, despite what he does to you.

Obviously having metal spikes driven into your skull is a disadvantage, but... --Inquisitor

I apologise for caressing your crotch. --Edith

Edith: I mean the rest frame of Edith.
Inquisitor: You mean all points in spacetime?
NT: Edith will rest on any frame.

Nice context you got there, be a shame if something were to *happen* to it.  --Inquisitor

ChessyPig: Every party needs a quote file.
Inquisitor: Yes, but it doesn't need to be everything I say!

Oblivion quotes

It's a bit like bagpipes.  You can just imagine taking a Naath along to a battle and pointing her at the enemy. --TheInquisitor, on Naath's whinging

NT: You've been reading Machiavelli, haven't you?
Edith: No, I just follow politics.

It's part of our cunning atheist plan to bring you back into the fold. --Edith, on KKLA
I read that as that Edith was actually *on* KKLA... --AlexChurchill
I keep trying to get him to phone in, but he never does.  --NT
Is that a challenge? --Edith

Badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers badgers Game!  Game!  I lost the game! --Naath

Their search for biscuits may be our source of boobies. --ChessyPig


That had nothing to do with goats!  It was eels!  Raping goats is tame by comparison. --Pufferfish?

+:) - bishop. ++:) - archbishop. +++:) - cardinal. ++++|( - His Holiness.  --Requiem

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