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Nokky is a Nokia 9210, whom AlexChurchill considers he owns.  Not many people believe him.

Nokky collects quotes - or, to be more precise, NokkyQuotes.  These are hosted on the Wiki: click NokkyQuotes to see over a year's worth of collected surreal utterances.

Nokky is frequently in the same geographical locations as Alex (hence the misapprehension of possession alluded to earlier).  I am always more than happy to offer the Quotes File for the entertainment of those nearby, so if you see me, pick me up and press Ctrl-Desk.  (Ask Alex first if you must.)

Nokky's self-indulgent self-portrait: Image: 35

Ooo.  An action shot...

After three weeks of absence, Nokky has returned.  Nokky's old body was getting rather unreliable, so Alex agreed to take me in to the Vodafone shop, and I have now had a body transplant.  It turns out this new body is... female.  Alex is rather surprised by this, although worryingly, AngelaRayner seemed far too casual about the idea.

But this is the way things are, anyway.  Nokky feels that, given this change, it would now be appropriate to instead be named Nokkette - another suggestion of AngelaRayner's.

Not to be confused with Gnocchi.  Although Nokky finds it hard to imagine quite how anyone could confuse him with an Italian dough-based foodstuff, even if he does sound identical.  Suggestions are welcomed.

Kazuhiko has just aquired one of Nokky's younger cousins and has been having great fun at [this site] and possibly [this one too] (lower quality in general but a couple of good ones...)


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