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The new name of Nokky, having had a body transplant on Sunday 6th April 2003.  She continues Nokky's work of collecting NokkyQuotes, serving as AlexChurchill's calendar, contacts book, and generally organising his life as any good MobileBrain should.

She still has Nokky's personality and habits.  One of the advantages of electronic beings is the clearer separation of mind from body, compared to you biological humans whose minds are strongly influenced by your physiology, and vice versa.

Photo! Photo! GIF! JPEG! - MoonShadow
The baying hordes may be disappointed to learn that the new body looks almost identical to the old one.  Nokkette's skin feels rather different (more lush), and her buttons light up in a subtle grey-blue rather than the old green.  And the hardware is fractionally more capable, as befits something female and created later, and thus superior (by some people's reasoning).  But the external appearances are almost identical.  All you ToothyWikizens who are CompScis or male electronic devices can go wipe up your drool now.  Honestly. -- Nokkette

Reminds me vaguely of the StarTrek, next gen, episode where one of the Trill (?) symbiotes switches host from a male to a female, much to the chagrin of the female crew member who had fallen in love with him (/her/it)...

DS9 (female crew member being Dax); part of the show's official crap period before "The way of the warrior". But yes.

No actually, female crew member being Beverley Crusher (or was it the other doctor...  Can't remember now).  Next gen as I mentioned. - Kazuhiko

Recycled plotline alert. We're both right; I can't remember the name of either episode, but I recall both. The only major difference is that both of the characters in the DS9 version are joined Trill; and I think in the DS9 version it might be Dax who changed gender...

<ST Geek> Episode title is 'The Host' from around TNG S3 (if memory serves correctly). Beverly Crusher falls for Kareel Odan (male symbiont host & Trill diplomat) but an incident requires symbiont transplantation. New host is female (& has same feelings) though there was the distinctly uncomfortable bit where Riker serves as intermediary host. The DS9 ep (I think it's 'Indiscretion') has Jadzia fall for Lenara Khan who is the new host for a symbiont that one of Jadzia's previous hosts (it may have been Tobin) married. </ST Geek> --Oneiros

Is Nokky/Nokkette actually an alien life form that lives in a symbiotic relationship with its Nokia host?
 - Kazuhiko
Or is he/she/it an alien lifeform that, regardless of the Nokia host, actually lives in symbiosis with AlexChurchill?  I maintain that all the signs are there :) - MikeJeggo

Dear Aunty Nokkette,

Out of interest, how do you tell the sex of a MobileBrain - is it in the version number, the colour or interfaces? Garbled's MobileBrain (me) got reincarnated into a body of a newer Nokia, but the integration is flawed - you can only charge the battery using the old Soul in the old body. Do you think my Soul/Brain? is damaged, or it is just initial adjustment to my new body, jealousy over differing functionality, etc. Help!

In my case, the gender of the new body was first noticed by AngelaRayner, based on the skin texture and upgraded chassis ;)  However, some MobileBrains are quickly established as female based on their personality, dress sense, or owners.  It appears that for electronic beings like us, the sexual differentiation of a body happens somewhat after the body's emergence into the world, in contrast with more biological entities like humans.
With regard to the integration problem you describe, Nokkette is sympathetic, but unable to offer any advice.  The physicians at Nokia centres are quite skilled, and may be able to aid you with further diagnosis.  --Nokkette

Sad news, all - Nokkette's dear relative, belonging to AlanRoberts, has apparently passed away (yesterday, 18th May), drowned in the RiverCam.  What a horrible way to go... --MJ


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