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Basically it's all a cospiracy. The government want to get down unemployment figures. However, to do this there need to be jobs. There are not enough jobs. Therefore the government created a whole load of 'new' (ie plastic crap) unis, made everyone pay to go and claimed unemployment had dropped. Result! Not only did they make a profit they conned people into thinking a degree in DavidBeckham? studies from the University of a Small Field in North Wales was going to guarantee them a job that paid 50000+ In fact, three years after they got 2 Us and an E (the E was in general studies) they found themselves unemployed and 11000 in debt. What a fantastic idea... Oh, and I am accepting applications for the University of a Small Field in North Wales...

"A degree in David Beckham studies from the University of a Small Field in North Wales"... *laughs out loud*  Magnificent turn of phrase!  --AlexChurchill

[Denis Yatsutko] works in the non-book information carriers section of a regional library. MoonShadow has been reading his [forums] for some while now.

Apparently, the state of education in Russia is pretty grim lately. It's basically possible to bribe your way through the entire system, and the majority do just that. Plagiarism is rife; everyone downloads thesis materials from the net. The idea of writing your own is becoming alien (actual quote: "I'll have to check with my supervisor if that's allowed. Everyone gets theirs from the net, who am I to do different?")

Oh, well - at least it's a free democracy.

Essentially it's getting like that here. Once you get to uni it may not be so but to actually get to uni you now need to have enough money to pay. AArgh we're turning into russians.

Garbled went to a NotARealUniversity (i.e. it was an old poly), but didn't do David Beckham Studies. He ended with about 1k in debt, and now has a ReasonablyCushyJob?. He would recommend it, as long as you check the degree and university out first (i.e. don't do a degree with no applicability to real life), and do a gap year (not offered in all RealUniversitys?. [UWE] rocks!
Still, it wasn't a real university, was it?? Oh and BTW I went to a real university and still don't have a job... And what about ppl who study classics at real university. That degree has no applicability to real life much like the study of Klingon... Garbled II
Sadly I can't find any evidence on the Internet that any university offers a Klingon course :-(  I suspect that this is apocryphal.  Anyway, Heinlein wrote an essay in the 60s or 70s about how to get a degree from a respectable American uni without doing any work.  It's quite funny (and displays his prejudices as much as anything else).  Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance touches on the purpose and quality of university education, also.--Mjb67

Heinlein predjudiced?  Never!  I do know someone who graduated english from JesusCollege by doing a dissertation on comic books though...  And, of course, DeMontford? still exists, and still offers courses in knitwear and golf course management...  --Vitenka

They're closing the De Montfort in Milton Keynes.  They tried selling the buildings to the Open University but the Open got a survey done and found rather large cracks in some of the buildings, so they didn't buy it.  I remember a very humourous ad for De Montfort in the Milton Keynes Citizen (worse than the CambridgeEveningNews) which said "prepare for life in Milton Keynes".  The postgrads in my department laughed, we waited, and still, no life appeared, despite this loud proclamation.  We thought about sueing them for raising our hopes unjustifiably. --Jumlian

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