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Penny Arcade

Location: http://www.penny-arcade.com
Updates: Mon-Wed-Fri
Actually Updates: On time (about midday GMT)
Rating: PG
Recommended by: Mjb67, Vitenka, Kazuhiko
Example Strip: [Web]

Penny Arcade is considered to be the leading comic about video games on the Web (the Internet [Web]). Somewhat more than half of their comics require some knowledge of the gaming history, or for you to read a few paragraphs into their gaming-related Rant. They are also responsible for linking to MegaTokyo and giving that comic its initial burst of Fandom.

Getting your site linked from the Penny Arcade main page induces so much traffic that PennyArcading? has become synonymous with SlashDotting?. Except that it has more /Wang?.

The gamer comic.  My highest LOL/strips ratio of anything so far.  Will be lower for you if you don't play lots of games, follow the games industry, or like Japanese movies --Mjb67

(I have) just re-read the archives.  One of the very few strips where I can't say that the old stuff is better.  --Vitenka
Very true, their early work is quite badly drawn and less funny than their current stuff, which is genuinely hilarious. They're still on the ascendent... -- Xarak

Presumably their new [T-shirt design] (scroll to the bottom) is supposed to be irreverent, but I can't help thinking some Wiki'zens might want one anyway. --K

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