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February 2003

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Resolutions to enjoy m01

The text seems larger, and slightly differently outlined than in past comics but other than that I can't see any differences...  Yay, PhoenixFeathers in print! :p - Kazuhiko
I don't see how I can do that without a lot of work on the previous 100+ strips, though. I'm far too lazy to do that - I'm not fond of computer manipulation of images, which is one reason why the First Story was taking so long to do ^^;; - SunKitten
Just say that ep1 is only available online.  That way, you get to attract people to the site at the same time. - Kazuhiko
Good point :) - SunKitten

Same comic: just who is asking if they made any New Year's resolutions in the top panel?? It looks like the table... ^^;;  -- AlexChurchill

Well, this is Cambridge... - Kazuhiko
Supposed to be Kurai, which I'm sure you know. A straight line from the speech bubble would go over Nikolai, and I'm still not so good at manipulating Bezier curves - SunKitten
I didn't know it was meant to be Kurai, although I guess I would have done if I'd thought about it for a few moments.  Maybe the bubble should be lower, on a level with the table, so that the line would only obscure a chunk of table and half a hand.  Of course, I can't really tell you how to do your job!! <:-)  --AlexChurchill

Predictions m02

w00t!  A love-triangle!  *Kazu hides under something flame-proof*

Hehe... w00t indeed!  But it's not one that hasn't been [alluded to] [earlier], though...  Well, that is, assuming it is indeed /Niea and /Tamma in the picture.  /Niea is looking rather Kate-like. Or maybe that's just me ^^;; --AlexChurchill

Apologies for lack of withitness, but - w00t?  Nan desuka? --MikeJeggo

Moots and Maths Lectures m03

That this tradition only applies to the PhoenixFeathers world is clearly evidenced by the fact that PeterTaylor actually managed to be in bed before midnight on New Year's Eve. "Sleep? What's that?" would be more typical of the year so far.

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