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There are now three main places for the discussion of the WebComic PhoenixFeathers (which can be found [here]).

The easiest way to get to a particular day's discussion is to find that comic and then look for a 'Wiki Discussion' link towards the bottom.  If you know the month that the comic strip was put up you can get there through the following links:

Once on one of the discussion pages, the comic titles at the top of the page will take you down to the right discussion and the PhoenixFeathers logo beside each discussion title will take you to the comic being discussed.

General Discussion

Suggestions for improvement of the sub-page navigation would be welcomed, although I think it is now both usable and maintainable (w00t!).  Just in time for the creation of May as well...
Ah yes, I was going to ask if you could reify the next month and do the little linky thing with it. Thanks very much ^^ - SunKitten, clueless mode
Now rei'ed... :) - Kazuhiko
Thanks :) - SunKitten

*Kazuhiko sighs contentedly and wanders off to find something else to force order upon*

Discussion about indexes and strip naming conventions

There's now a [dated index] as well as a [named one], and the link to the most recent strip above should work - SunKitten

Link broken...  Which comic were you aiming for? - Kazuhiko
[Today's], presumably.
Gomen, I'm being dense again, aren't I...  *resolves to read comic before commenting in the future* - Kazuhiko
The link will become functional when today's comic moves to its normal place in the archives. It was an attempt to forestall the "have-to-update-the-link" which is a consequence of SunKitten's page-naming convention.
Hmm, you obviously have more knowledge of the nomenclature than I...  Why n01 rather than m10? - Kazuhiko
*sighs and kickself again*  Having done properties on the image I know why n01...  Any idea what the naming signifies though? - Kazuhiko
(PeterTaylor) My guess is that it signifies a desire to make it difficult for people to catch up on missed strips, so as to force them to keep up-to-date. However, the main reason I'm guessing that is the nuisance it caused me when I finally got online in Dec and wanted to start reading again at 19th Sep.
*shrugs* sorry. It's all hand-coded, and I find it easier to think in increasing numbers of a category than in dates. Why in the name of all that's logical would I want to make it difficult for people to read, for goodness sake? - SunKitten
I was being slightly tongue-in-cheek. Thanks for the date index, though.

Well, the page is pretty light, so it's not a major issue to go via the 'first' and 'next' buttons if you want to read the whole thing - but yeah, the lack of 'jump back a week or two' type links is a bit of a pain.  I was going to guess than the h,n,m etc. naming was storyline based, but they just seem to alternate at random so that probably isn't it.  Hmm.  Nor is it a lack of coding skill, since this wiki has been easily twiddled.  So, we're left with the only remaining, intriguing yet terrifying conclusion:  It has something to do with cats.
I've never seen another comic strip with 'back a week' buttons - but I could try and fiddle the index page so the dates are clearer, if people are that bothered. Also, it's me who does the main site HTML, not MoonShadow, and he is responsible for the perl terror that is the wiki, so that's a broken conclusion. I'm going to start naming the strip in the pf/ directory as well from Tuesday, so any links can be made at once and will remain unbroken. HTH - SunKitten
Oooh.  Having originally-published-on dates in the archives would be really useful.  And I for one would get a lot of use out of having the links available straightaway, too...  That should be great!  --AC
They are so storyline based.  I was keeping a list of the different single-letter prefixes for a while, but haven't kept it up-to-date recently.  For example, notice that the Magical Girl Nagi sequence is strips a01-a09, despite the interlude of b01-b04 which star /Nikolai and /Peri.  The f## sequence was /Kurai's guilt-trip, and the h## were /Rin's research. g## were the coffee-shop gathering and the subsequent attempt to catch /Shaam with the aethernet.  I could continue, but I think you get the point... -- AlexChurchill

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