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January 2003

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Shopping with swords k01

Vitenka has comments (other than 'yay lovely webcomic yay' which are, of course, foregone)  To todays (14th jan) comic: either "of course, doens't everyone?" or "No, but one was handy" seem (in)appropriate here.  As to the commentary below - I think you should blame Anne'Mc'Aff'ree: She of the DragonRiderNamingConvention.  Partially because she popularised the "Hey, if we call them El'ves people won't think it's derivative trash" theory, and partially because everyone should blame her for everything.  Also, would it have been overly helpful to, you know, give the name of the book?

SunKitten: I don't always think of the funniest words - and in this case, because of the background which you aren't getting told (MuHaHaHa), I didn't think to give Peri a response :) As to the book, I wasn't sure I should name it, since I was sort of dissing the author (who would of course recognise his work anyway). It was "Wit'chfire", the first of five in a series called 'The Banned and Banished' or similar. I forget the author's name.
Oh, I understood that a reponce wouldn't have been sensible in character there, the nervous look said enough.  I just couldn't help thinking it, and thought I would share. --Vitenka

ISBN 1841491500 . Just in case anyone fancies giving us 50p. ;) - a rather mercenary MoonShadow
You were not dissing the author.  Anyone who has any respect for your taste in books would read 14th Jan's comments as a recommendation.  Well, it came across as a recommendation to me...  --AlexChurchill
It did sound quite good, but it's actually named Wit'chfire?! Who is up for a short competition of trying to guess what the contraction is of?  WithinHutchFire?? --Vitenka
You could view the apostrophes as stress indicators.  I'm not entirely sure why the author would want to use them like that, but it's marginally less horrible than the alternatives. -- NickTaylor

SunKitten: Thanks *^^* It is actually a decent book. I might consider getting the rest, but I think I'll leave that to the second-hand shops. I prefer to buy new only when desperate :)
Only when desperate or endowed with multiple BookVouchers, right? :) --AlexChurchill
SunKitten: Something like that. I was indulging myself:)
Mjb67:  [Amusing apostrophe usage]

Shopping with swords 2 k01

*ponders*  Is that a line of Nikolai impersonators or a queue for the shoulder-pad shop? - Kazuhiko
*sweatdrop*!  I hadn't noticed that on first glance.  That's truly scary!  One of Nikolai is bad enough, but a whole queue of him?!?!  *gibber* *gibber*  ... ...One might presume that they're all Elves (from their ears, and the fact that they're outside a shop whose name starts "Midsummer Nights").  And possibly that's the (stereo)typical dress for elves in PhoenixFeathers... we don't really know, since /Nikolai's the only one we've seen regularly.
...Either that, or... they're a queue of Elvish impersonators  <:-) :-P  *GDR*  --AlexChurchill
That's.. oh groan.  I only just saw the joke.  And here was me thinking that would be quite cool.  Oh my me.  That's Bad.  --Vitenka

SunKitten: Oh dear, oh dear...
I'm afraid I can't claim originality of the joke.  See [the Magic card] by the same name.  With appropriate flavour text.
I was given the perfect feed line by Kazuhiko-sama though ;)  *bows*  --AlexChurchill
SunKitten: Didn't Terry Pratchett use it before WizardsOfTheCoast? In, um, 'Soul Music'? (MoonShadow, ISBN please :)
ISBN 0575055049
ISBN 0552140295 (Paperback)
-- Senji
The Elvish/Elvis pun, yes, certainly.  "That guy down the chipshop? I'd swear he's Elvish."  But I don't rmember TP specifically saying "Elvish Impersonators".  Of course, quite possibly he did.  I'm sure a number of people have come up with the idea in the 40-ish years that both words have been popularly known :)  --AlexChurchill
SunKitten: No, I just meant the Elvis/Elvish pun, sorry, not the specific usage :)

High Elves k02

SunKitten, any chance of putting up the non-shattered High Elf picture? - Kazuhiko
I should have known you'd ask that. Yes - the original is still whole :) I'll try and remember to do it on Thursday evening.. - SunKitten

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