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Rachael's Quotes

"Hopefully, next time I see you, you'll be in two pieces. In the nicest possible way."
-Melanie, to a heavily pregnant Liz

Susy, in Articulate: "You throw it and it comes back."
Vic: "Kangaroo."

"She's called something like Bethany but not ... something Welshy-biblical."

"Your baby's not walking yet - her feet are too small."
-Shoe shop assistant, to Helen, whose baby has been walking for about six months

"We have another Bagpuss. I told a room full of friends we have two Bagpi, and they all chorused 'Bagpodes!'"
-Sarah W

"You're looking really ... babyish."
-Patricia, commenting on Rachael's pregnancy

Rachael, reading about washable nappies: "Ah - you can hold it in the toilet and flush it, to get the poo off. And then put it in the washing machine."
Alex: "The baby?"
Rachael: "The nappy."
I laugh. By the way, if you want to know anything about reusables, I think Chel read up on pretty much every available option of nappies beforehand - and Annabel's been in reusables ever since she was a few days' old. Oh, and she has a good go at getting in the washing machine without needing any help - she hasn't flushed herself in the toilet yet... ;-) --CH

"There's a lot of chickens-and-eggs involved in church planting, so you never quite know who's laying who ... as it were."
Ha! I sometimes wonder what Julian would think if he came across all these quotes --RobHu
I think Amy D showed him some of them ages ago. He's only identified by first name though. --Rachael

Patricia: "Rock-a-bye baby, in Rachael's tum."
Alex: "When the waters break, the baby will come."

"Her eyes are starting to drift off."

"Yay, Mummy's going to cook my heart."

"I wouldn't dress up as a catgirl even to get a MacBook?."

"I was expecting some food. Or maybe some attractive people."
-Rachael, after dinner at Alex's aunt and uncle's, judging a round of ApplesToApples

Rachael, in a game: "Name something you want to become, beginning with G."
Alex: "A grandfather."
Rachael: "There you go, Bethany ... no pressure or anything..."

"We should try Bethany on toast."
-Rachael, discussing upcoming weaning ideas

Alex: "There's a puzzle called the Chief Executive. It's more interesting than..."
Alan: "Most chief executives?"

Alan: "Churchy things always happen on Thursdays. No ... On Thursdays, churchy things always happen."

Rachael (when the cats had to be kept in): "We use the porch as an airlock."
Rob: "So there's no air outside?"
Rachael: "OK, we use the porch as a cat-lock."
Rob: "There's no cats outside?"
Rachael: "Yeah."
Rob: "There's no cats outside?"
Rachael: "OK, we use the porch as an our-cats-lock."

Terry: "How do they make it [chicken tikka masala] so red? I thought they were only allowed to use a certain amount of food colouring."
James: "That rule only applies per reheating."

Jason (indicating a bug called "Two annoyances and a Java exception"): "What's this?"
Chris: "Sounds like a very geeky movie."

"I grew up in Bournemouth - well, I say grew up..."
-Alex (and he didn't even mean it how it sounds)

"Aw, you're so warm and sun-kissed."
-Rachael, to Tango, [unintentionally]

Sarah: "Last time I asked him if he wanted cake, he said 'Get behind me, Satan,' so I assume he's still on a diet."
Phil: "Unless there's a kind of cake called Behind Me Satan."

Rachael: "It doesn't have the sealing thing."
Alex: "Yes, that's a flaw."

Someone: "Do you have the door key code?"
Alex: "We're programmers; we have lots of dorky codes."

Alex (in Traders of Genoa): "I'll pay you to pass through the park or the post office. Just because of the alliteration."
Vitenka: "I'll pay you to punch him. On the posterior. For being a prat."

"There's a boss I'm trying to avoid killing, and having some difficulty."


Rachael: "Do you want anything else to eat?"
Alex: "I wouldn't mind some of your ..." (suddenly interrupts self) "FINGERS!"

and conversely...
Rachael (to Alex, about a jar of sweets with a small opening) "Your fingers are too big. I'd better eat them all."

"It's a white elephant. It's actually literally a white elephant, because it's white with blue roofs."
-David M on Bournemouth Hospital

"You do realise you'll have mixed-race children?"
-Amy K's elderly aunt, when Amy announced her engagement to Karthik

"In this country, a lot of idols are actually me."

Elaine to Christine: "How many years have you two been married?"
Christine: "Err ... we got married in '77, so how many is that?"
Rachael: "31."
Elaine: "Does Philippe know?"

"I want a normal, friendly, no-strings-attached, don't-look-up-my-skirt hug."

"I want to look at pictures of her which might be slightly naughty."
Who? --CH
That would be telling. But he only meant that he thought it would be slightly naughty to look at pictures of her.
Ah, ok.

Rachael: "Here's your brownie and cheese. ... Cheese that darts around in small random motions!"
Alex: "Excellent. I shall pounce on it."
Ok, what? --CH
Brownian cheese. --Rachael
Ohhhh, yes. I was also assuming that "brownie and cheese" had to be something non-literal, but I suppose mascarpone or ricotta... --CH
It wasn't a brownie and cheese on the same plate - he was taking them both to work to be eaten on separate occasions. --Rachael

Miriam: "I don't like melted ice cream."
Alex: "I thought you said: I don't like Mel to die screaming."

"Actually, right-click is the right-hand button."
-Middle-aged man to middle-aged woman as they cycled past me

Rachael: "Can you have a subset of a mass-noun thing like a quiche? A set is a collection of discrete items."
Alex: "But you can have an infinite set, like the complex plane. So you just have to map the quiche onto the complex plane."

Rachael: "I'm not hungry yet."
Alex: "Me neither."
Rachael: "But if we're having something with sweet potato in, we should start cooking before we want to eat. ... Because, unlike most foods, sweet potato can't travel back in time."

"There's nothing wrong with taking a walk through the sun." -Alex


"Were-zeppelins reproducing by mitosis is the most natural explanation."

"Mathematically, there's no such thing as a Pentium IV."

Rachael: "It's one of those things that you buy and it just sits in your fridge and goes off."
Alex: "Like a bomb!"

Rachael (to Alex): "That's the second time this week you've mixed [Amy and me] up."
Amy: "It's because I'm wearing Rachael's trousers."
Rachael (explaining to Alex and Rob): "We had a clothes-swapping session today."
Amy: "Well, not exactly a clothes-swapping session, since I didn't bring any clothes..."

"What, if anything, is a fish? Discuss." -Essay question on Cambridge BioNatSci? paper that my colleague Sarah took several years ago

"It's really difficult to see the point of a knife."

Patricia: "I want to snorkel in the sea!"
Kate (?): "You want to snog Lyndsey?"

Peter (in Articulate): "What you would do to fish."
Kathryn: "Hit them."


Alex, explaining Kahuna: "You're two rival wizards trying to take possession of South Sea islands ... and steal their tomatoes."
Rachael: *is foolish enough to look puzzled*
Alex: "What? Haven't you heard of a Kahuna tomata?"

"Come to London! We need doctors who speak English really badly!"

"I'd better take off the '2 for 3' sticker, or people will know they're not home-made."
-Sally, on tubs of ice cream

"Are you going to contact tech support and tell them your nipple's leaving greasy smudges on your laptop screen?"
-Darren to Sean

Rachael: "Polly won a..."
Alex: "Cracker?"

"You have perfect wedding hair. I think you should get married at least once a year."
-Heike, wedding hairdresser

Alex: "It smells a little doggy in here."
Vic: "That's because there is a little doggy in here."

Steve: "The Playstation 3 runs Linux."
Kate (utterly shocked): "The Playstation 3 is ICT?"

Rachael: "My novel is about super-intelligent babies who know everything and manipulate the adults around them."
Steve: "That's not fiction!"

Rachael: "Alex took his keyboard to Florida."
Stephen: "On a romantic weekend away."

Tiffer: "So they're naked in that they don't have any clothes, not naked in that they're naked."
Rachael: "Yes."

"In Opposite World, I'm winning."

"I was wondering if I could call the children of Hillary Clinton 'Positive', 'Negative' and 'Neutral'."


"We got given a CD by Daniel Bedingfield as a Christmas present."

"There are a lot of good reasons for breaking off an engagement, but 'my engagement ring gives me RSI' isn't one of them."

Shay: "What's your name, again?"
Annette: "Annette. ... You always ask me that."
Shay: "And you always get it right."

"Sorry the kitchen's a bit of a bomb sty."

"Howard unveils Tory asylum plans"
-BBC headline

"The fish stampeded towards us ... can fish stampede?"
-Amy K

Ed: "She's had a bit of a rapprochement with the boyfriend."
Chris: "A bit of a Mount Rushmore?"

Patricia: "Here's to heterosexual blokes! Bring 'em on!"
Amy: "Patricia was toasting heterosexual blokes."
Chip: "What?!? Oh, that kind of toasting."

"Any more accidents would be very welcome. Then we can fill up the accident book."
-Tim, head of department

"The 39 Articles affirm that God exists. More likely than not, your local vicar does too, but don't take it for granted."
-BBC news magazine article

Rachael: "Alex is doing National Ren'ai Game Writing Month."
Sally: "National Renegade Writing Month?"

"I can't really see the point of hollow chocolate eggs."
-Amy D

Jeff: "It's an empty cross, to represent Easter Monday."
Rachael: "Sunday."
Jeff: *looks puzzled*
Rachael: "Well, I suppose the cross was still empty on Easter Monday..."

"Bring all your other racquets - tennis, skiing, whatever."

"Tonight [Make Poverty History] is going to make television history."
-Email from Make Poverty History (Can't tell how intentional the ambiguity is. Would be nice if they did make television history...)

Rachael (on an item in a clothes shop): "Wow, this is nice."
Patricia: "Yeah. And it's good value for money, too."
Rachael: "Oh, how much is it?"
Patricia: "I don't know."

"I often see gloves cycling round Cambridge in winter."

Dad: "Mum wants to give you two some petrol money."
Alex: "Petrol money?! What for?"

Steve: "It's like having an outboard motor on the punt when Kenton's punting."
Jack: "Is that the speed, or the noise?"

"I would be disturbed if you could eat aleph-nought ice cream."
-Chris, to Alex

"This is lethal! I ought to feed it to Mike."

Alex: "Would you like a plantation or a quarry?"
Jenny: "A plantation. Quarries are grey."

Rachael: "I compiled it and it found 2809 errors..."
Tim M: "Oh, that's okay. If you'd said more than 3000 I'd have been worried."

"No one's got around to fixing it yet, because it was written in Perl. By Brian. Who had long hair. So it's long-haired Perl."
-Tim M

"They've got more guns than you could throw hot dinners at."
-Max K

Stephen: "What happened about the Michael Jackson child sex case?"
Rachael: "He got off."
Ed: "Yeah I know, but what happened about the case?"

Alex: "When he, I and Emma organised 'Ignite the Passion' ..."
Rachael: "I thought you said 'When he ironed Emma...'"

Alex: "If any of you are into board games, you'd be welcome to come to my house - where Jenny and Stephen used to live - on Tuesdays..."
John: "Where did they live the rest of the week?"
Alex: "I didn't like to ask..."

"Hooray for memory leaks! Keep them coming!"

Stu: "Has it been fully QA'ed and everything?"
Tim: "Yeah, we moved it from the QA In directory to the QA Out directory, so I think it's done."

"There's not much room for creativity in my job ... you'll be pleased to know."
-Mark (doctor)

"In the name of Jesus I speak to all sickness and infirmity, and I say 'begone!' to the glory of God."

"You don't usually talk about yourself in the third person. Your mum does, however."

"Don't you think it's funny how they always have planes hanging around at airports?"

Tim: "Sean wants to buy his girlfriend hair straighteners for Christmas."
Ben: "Hair strainers? What, for straining hair out of your drink?"

Ray (playing Articulate): "Graceful white bird that swims in the water..."
Stuart: "Penguin!"

Peter: "I'm curious to know what you think 'the most common animal on the plains of North America before about 1830' is."
Stuart: "Bison."
Peter: "Oh ... that kind of plains."
(PeterTaylor) My question didn't have a date, and was closer to "What did you say the most common animal on planes to North America is?"


"Let's go round to Ady's and ming."

"Patricia's arrived, and Tiff's taken her away to get her clothes off."

"He's the most unpleasant person in the school. And I wouldn't say that about many people."
-John C

"I don't see why you shouldn't put your elbow in a pie."

Rachael: "I got given a tract."
Stephen: "A tractor?"

"The people were a real mixture - half Chinese, half Indian and the rest were Malaysian."

Joy: "How many cats do your parents have?"
Alex: "Usually six; at one point, eleven..."
Steve: "1.11 cats?"

"Is this edible?"
-Alex, taking an ice cream from those on offer at the May Ball

"Zebra drowning."
-Alex S, suggesting a water sport beginning with Z in a game of Pazazz

"It should be banned under the Geneva Convention."
-Matthew V on [Set]

"Who needs words... when you have the sky?"

"I'm feeling really in love today - I just don't know with who."

"They hired a helicopter and flew all his wife over."

Stephen (on Patricia's skirt) "It's a bit insubstantial."
Ed: "It's a bit Mrs Thatcher?"

Stephen: "If I ever had a stag night, I'd just play board games."
Rachael and Patricia: "Can I come?"
ChrisHowlett raises hand. I may well concur with Stephen.

"Hi Alan, don't step on the slaves. I mean colonists. From Puerto Rico."

Debbie: "Not only do I have a URL on my apple, I have a code to enter on the website. I wonder what I get?"
Linda: "A worm?"

"Do clocks still go clockwise in France?"
-Chip, somewhat fazed by the custom of driving on the right

Ed: "There's been a thief!"
Jeff: "No, someone's just tidied up."
Ed: "That's worse. I can understand a thief."

"If I get locked out, lock me in."

From a memo at work: "Please photocopy/inform all staff in your department."

"Sorry, we've discontinued them. They were part of our Christmas range."
-Shop assistant, 18th December

Lucy: "Could we have less bass?"
Bassist: "I wasn't playing."
Lucy: "What was that low note? ... Oh, sorry, it was me."


Kathryn: "In America, Marion's a man's name, it's not a woman's name at all."
Patricia: "I know a man called Marion. Oh no, that's Mario. Actually, he's not called Mario, he's called Stan. His neighbour's called Mario."

"You know how I'm usually dappy? Well, now it's tripled by ten."

Chip: "If I ever played at Wembley, I'd make people deaf."
Ed: "You'd have to kick the ball very loudly."

"I was quite scared, so I fell asleep."

"Philip was one of the first ever fellows at Girton ... as a man."

"If God had meant us to work, he would have given us a work ethic."

"I don't have anything against people who are 27, I just feel sorry for them."

Stephen: "The thing about randomly pulling people in a club..."
Patricia: "Aaagh!!!! I wouldn't pull people in a club!! I'd pull them in a pub."

Fiona: "They eat guinea pigs in Chile."
Mikie: "Do they?"
Chris: "Have you never had guinea pig chilli at Caius hall?"

"Home to roast beef and my sister."

Stephen: "The Romans divided gays into active and passive types."
Ed: "That's because they'd had too many Latin lessons."

Stephen: "I am in favour of Ed's beard."
Patricia: "Of lesbians?"

"We're all listening, Patricia, it's you who keeps interrupting yourself."
-Clare K

Steven: "Is that person related to you?"
Amy A: "No, he's a boy."

Seen on an envelope of documents at work: "Do not send blood in this envelope."

"The Methodist Council, for those of you who don't know, is a group of 70 odd people..."

Steven: "Tiff didn't come to Barneys with Amy."
Ed: "Maybe they'd had a tiff. Or a barney."

"You've never had a theological dispute with any Christian group while you were in Cambridge? What kind of Christian are you?"
-Liam to Chris

Patricia: "Toby put his hand on my knee under the duvet!"
Pete Cad: "And she got so scared that she put her clothes back on."

"Let me just lay down on the table, before we discuss this..."


Rachel C: "There aren't any scenes where I get to kiss Stu!"
Rachael: "Maybe you could kiss him in the finale."
Ed: "Bend over, Stu, you're about to be kissed in the finale."

"There are *mammoth* bones in this fish!"

"Of course Liam won't recognise you, you've got clothes on."
-Patricia to Rachel C

"Writing an essay is the mental equivalent of giving birth."
-Anna A

"I want to get the pastor at Eden to marry me. ... I mean, to conduct the ceremony."
-Amy D

"Speaking German is a completely useless skill. It only enables you to talk to Germans, and they don't have anything interesting to say."

Ed: "What's your PhD proposal?"
Ian: "Some random thing about German idealism and its influence on random German authors."
Sumner: "Is that the official wording?"

"I'm not immoral. Well, not on purpose."

"I can cycle for days without stopping."

Rachael: "How can "Grr" express happiness? It seems more like anger to me."
Steven C: "Often they amount to the same thing."

"Love is blind. Your love is deaf, dumb and has a wooden leg."
-Ed to Patricia

Rachael: "...questions like, whether the language faculty is innate."
Ed: "Of course it's not, it's in the Sidgwick Site."

Alex Collins (on the mathmos' results ceremony): "You get to see the whole range of human emotions."
Tom K: "That's quite impressive for mathematicians."

Ed: "He's prime schoolgirl crush material."
Rachael: "Primary schoolgirl crush material?"

Patricia: "I can't pray for more than about fifteen minutes without falling asleep."
Ben: "Never mind, I'm sure God falls asleep after three."

Stephen: "Apparently the Americans didn't drop the atomic bomb for the Japanese, they dropped it for the Russians..."
Ben: "They missed!"

"I was just standing at the window, stretching and playing with my nipples as you do in the morning, and looking out the opposite window with his rosary was the Bishop."

"Ring me when you get to the station, and we can send someone to run you over."

"My head is shaped like a motorcycle engine."

"It epitomises everything that's wrong with the South."
-Steven on the Grafton Centre

"I want to do zoology. What do you do, go to zoos?"

"Girls have bonier legs on the outside."

Steven: "At the time there was apartheid in Zimbabwe."
Patricia: "Ooh, a party?"

"Are you two sisters? You've got the same teeth."
-Random little boy, to Rachael and Patricia

Rachael: "All microwaves heat in patches, even the good ones. That's why you have to stir."
Ed: "You can't stir a chicken."


"I really hate throwing away half-eaten cigarettes."
-Ben Langley

"Ady's gone for his hair disappointment now."

Theo: "Would you drink Adrian's bathwater?"
Patricia: "No."
Theo: "Then it's not love, is it?"

"I pray for the cooks in the kitchen, who work hard to cook us."

"Don't listen to the pain. It only feels twice as bad as it is."
-Sabrina, aerobics teacher

"I think you should be able to buy government policies. ... It *is* democratic. Every pound gets a vote."

"I won't be gay till I'm at least 35, thank you very much."

"Why can't there be weapons that don't hurt or kill anyone?"

"You look so cool, you look like a hedgehog."
-Patricia to Pete J

"Sometimes they have an N items of clothing formal hall, where N is a small integer."

"I would describe myself succinctly in one sentence as the most sorted unbalanced person I know."

Ananth: "Kiwi fruit is really bad for you."
Tomos: "Why?"
Ananth: "I can't be bothered to tell you."

"Don't be so subtle, Andrew. It is, after all, Sunday."

Rachael: "Who preached in chapel?"
Patricia: "I don't know; just the random Dean."

"Sorry, I keep hitting them into the wall, don't I."
-Rachael, in squash

"I think you're confusing South Court with the South Pole."
-Chuck, to Beth

"Patricia and Rachael and I would make a lovely couple."
-Pete Cad

"Chivalrous, quixotic - do you think that's me? I don't think so."
-Pete Cad

"Ellie, as a medic, and a third year scholar, I can tell you that people don't breathe through their ears."

"'She had to be stopped! So did we!' I mean, 'So we did!'"
-Tim, CCMS

Toby: "Amy, if you eat a burger from the Van of Life, I'll promise never to propose to you, no matter how drunk I am."
Amy: "No. I don't eat cat, it'd be practically cannibalism."

"God's blueprint is for heterosexual, monogamous, lifelong sex."
-Dave, former CICCU president

"It's okay, I'm not wearing pants. I mean, I am wearing pants, but I'm wearing socks as well."

"I want to do a PhD on the Holy Spirit's influence on fashion design."

"Read the script, Liam. "Standy hards up." I mean, "Hardy stands up.""
-Rachel C

Cad: "I can see you in the dark!"
Mash: "I can SEE you, I can HEAR you, and I can SMELL you, and that's THREE THINGS TOO MANY!"

Cad: (overheard) "Ben was upset because someone trod on his screwdriver."
Amy: "Ohhh, Freud."

"Toby and I are going to be really upset when the Dean leaves. It'll be like Take That breaking up all over again."

"We'll have to have some new sexual orientations, gay, straight and middle-class ironic."

"I don't know any straight lesbians, if you know what I mean."

Tomos: "Do his knuckles drag along the ground?"
Patricia: "His nipples?"

Amy: "He's got a baby boy called Josiah."
Becky: "Josiah?!"
Ellie: "Well, presumably he wasn't called Josiah before he was born."

Amy: "I'm over it now."
Theo: "What's she over?"
Rachael: "Julian."
Theo: "How often?"

"Whenever I get a new mobile phone I always have to spend ages fiddling with all the buttons and seeing what they do."
-Kath, having only ever had one mobile phone

Mum: "'1 pepper, cubed.' How do you cube a pepper?!"
Rachael: "Multiply it by itself a couple of times."
Mum: "Nah, I think they want me to divide it."

"We don't mind sex, but it's embarrassing with Kath sitting there."

"Tomos only has one erogenous zone, but it covers his whole body."

"They have to have chocolate muffins in heaven, or I'm not going, I'm sorry."
-Ellie M

Rachael: "I was thinking about Blackpool..."
Patricia: "About mackerel?"

Patricia: "I'm free, but..."
Amy: "What? I thought you said, I'm a fruit bat."

Patricia: "What's that bird? It's *huge*!"
Simon: "I think it's a heron."
Patricia: "A herring, oh wow."

"Burger King veggie burgers taste like an Arab's armpit."

"You could eat for England, Scotland and Wales."
-Cristina to Patricia

"It's not that interesting - you can't see any fish or anything."
-Patricia, about the Eurostar

Rachael: "How'd you find it, Tom?"
Tom K: "It was an exam. They put lots of questions in it, which threw me."

"I'd be really interested in what CCMS was like before the beginning of time - I mean, before I joined it."

Liam (at the boat burning): "Is this some kind of bizarre Emma ritual?"
Patricia: "Yeah, they're burning all the people who didn't get 2:1's."

"We're more rah than them, so we have right of way."
-Random bloke in another punt

"I voted Lib Dem in the last election, you can't get more socialist than that."
-Jenny's boyfriend Ben

Patricia: "What's in there?"
Ed: "My twelve-string."
Patricia: "Guitar?"
Jeff: "Clarinet."

Patricia: "She lost her virginity at fifteen."
Rachael: "Who with?"
Patricia: "Oh, various people."

Patricia: "Who's Whorf?"
Rachael: "A guy who said our language shapes the way we think."
Patricia: "Was his first name Canary?"

Mark: "He went to Homerton to look for Heather."
Patricia: "To look for a heifer?"

"You're still in the closet, but the closet doesn't have any doors."
-Ady to Mark V

Patricia: "Ben, the night is young."
Ben: "Yeah, but I'm old."

Rachael: "Is he a Christian?"
Patricia: "Yeah, he plays the clarinet."

Patricia: "Damn you!"
Rachael: "Me?!"
Patricia: "No, not you. Damn... one."

"Is Holland in France?"

"Jeff looks really nice in his clothes, don't you think?"

"He's married. At least, I assume he's married. He's got, like, a wife."


"Now don't say you haven't had an uneventful New Year."
-Ady, demonstrating his command of double negatives

"You BITCH! ... Oh, sorry, you're a girl."
-Pete Cad

"You're actually arguing the same point as I am, but from an antagonistic point of view."

"It's six dots! How can it possibly be phallic?"
-Pete Cad

"I'm not a huge clubber. I'm not a very big clubber at all. In fact I'm quite a small clubber.... This could go on all night."

"I've just betrayed a friend who bought me a Virgin Mary fridge magnet. I've got no morals."
-Pete Cad

"Sequences will converge. Sometimes they don't."

"If you die, you die, and that's what really counts."
-Tim H

"Everyone seems to be obsessed with shopping, clothes, and sex. Shopping - yes. Sex - no. Clothes - on and off."

"It's so much easier being a girl."
-Tom W at ballroom dancing class

"You have to grasp the nettle of life with the glove of university."

"Chronologically dubious."
-Toby, when asked his opinion of the song "These are the days of Elijah"

"I haven't decided whether it's actually blasphemous or not yet, but I don't think so, because I laughed a lot when I saw it."

Sophie: "It's really annoying when you're with, like, three girls and they're all on the pull."
TJ: "That depends if you're a girl or a bloke."

"Oh, my flies are undone again. I wish Graham were here."

"It's not a very nice way to kill people."
-Anna H on crucifixion

"Dead people, you know, they don't talk."
-Anna H

"I'm so happy I could be sick."

"I don't actually *mind* Microsoft being really rich and powerful, as long as I can have all their software for free."

Rachael: "Girls don't just see blokes as sex objects."
Ady: "Well, blokes do."

"We just spent three hours worshipping nine and a half people."

"I'll either be asleep, or on the phone, or awake."

"There's nothing wrong with superfluosity - except it isn't a word."

"I'd never had a bagel before, but I've fallen in love with them, and I want to have one always."

"I wasn't hungry before, but now I'm ravished."

"I'll phone you on your mobile. If you're asleep, don't answer it."

"I'll just have a threesome on my own, then."

"Just because I agree with you, doesn't mean you're right."
-Karen E

"Let's make this game more interesting, Patricia. The loser has to sleep with the winner."
-Toby, in table tennis

"Hi. I'm still in Emma. ... I mean the college."

"It's such a cop-out to define polynomials as having finite degree. Makes it much less fun."
-Tom K

"Is it true you've slept with a three-page model?"

"I'm just programmed to try and pull people, even if I don't like them."

"Let's beat up some students. We're townies, really. Rah."
-Andy P

"People always slag off the tubes, and the Underground, too."

"I just remembered I went to supper. That explains why I'm not hungry."
-Pete Cad, at formal hall

Rachael(before 1950's formal hall): "This is what I'm going to wear tonight."
Patricia: "Is it really 15th century, though?"

Rachael: "Is it you or Ady who can visualise six dimensions by using colours?"
Toby: "Adrian can. I can visualise three and a half, by using vodka."

"All the other girls at Newnham are really pure, and I'm not, at all."
-Laura D (talking about maths)

"You have more books on your desk than I've read."

"Line up, and I'll try and deal with you roughly in turn."
-Julian, pastor

Ben: "How many plays did Shakespeare write?"
Amy: "Thirty-six and a half."
Patricia: "This term?"

"You're multi-faceted. That's like being multi-talented, but it doesn't involve any talent."

Toby: "This is the song I would kill myself to."
Patricia: "If I killed myself I wouldn't even think about music!"
Toby: "That's because you have no style, no panache."

"I was about 45 or 50 before I realised women dyed their hair."


"I think of them all looking just like Hugh Grant."
-Patricia, on Cambridge blokes

"What - *big* Cambridge?"
-Terri, on hearing what uni I was going to


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