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Now in shiny new TV series format!

An anime for bookworms. The main character is amazing ^-^
The whole thing is very stylish, with shades of JamesBond / ManFromUNCLE (so if you don't like those, don't watch this - there's nothing here for you!)

/TheTV series has just started.

ReadOrDream?, the next manga series, is running in Shueisha's UltraJump magazine.

I still don't understand the choice. Can I not read and die? Or do neither? Why can't I dream if I read? Or does it mean that if I don't read I must dream?
Logical OR, not XOR fixes this ;)  --Vitenka
Of course it doesn't. That would mean I could do one or the other or both. But why can't I do neither? And, beyond that, what's the 'or' connection between reading and dreaming anyway? If anything I'd have thought they'd call it Read and Dream.
I doubt it's the intention, but it works quite well.  If you read, you need not die.  Reading is a substitute for dreaming, or vice verse, but both works too - just make sure that you don't do neither.  --Vitenka
So, are you actually going to say what the title refers to or just continue to logic-chop?
Heck if I know what it means.  I reckon they just chose it because R.O.D. looks good on a business card.  --Vitenka
Less logic chopping, I presume the first is meant in terms of a threat.  Either "Read or I will kill you" or "Reading will save your life".  The 'or dream' then sounds more like a softer alternative - "If you don't read, then at least dream".  --Vitenka
"If you don't read, then at least die".  Hmmm. --Angoel 
The only explanation I have seen is in the first volume of the manga, where it is presented as a choice; Read, and be enslaved by the power of the written word, or Die at the hands of the various other people slinging ridiculous superpowers around. (The manga is, all in all, a lot stranger.) - tjm

Ah, ROD-The TV http://www.sonymusic.co.jp/Animation/ROD/ is officially called 'R.O.D. The TV'.  It's actually an TV series based on 'Read Or Dream'.
IOW they are dodging the question too ;)  --Vitenka

Plot synopsis

Man blows up the White House in shades of ID4.  Then says "Wait, you mean this isn't a library?  Shit."  Roll credits.
Credits are fantastic, and are indeed a pastiche of French detective movies and the man from UNCLE.

The plot follows Yomiko, secret agent of the British Library (yes, the British Library has its own submarine) as she foils the plot of a madman who wishes to bring the last symphony of Ludwig van Beethoven to the world.

The total disconnection between this (very silly) plot and the (luscious, active) visuals, overlaid onto a soundtrack of almost Noir-like proportions, brings you a real treat.

Be sure to be on the lookout for the appearance of what can only be the UniversityLibrary - complete with mobile bookcases and viewing galleries which transcend normal dimensional physics.


This product may contain traces of peanuts.


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