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R.O.D -The TV-

Precisely what R.O.D stands for is left unspecified, but it's widely suspected to stand for "Read Or Dream", the manga on which the anime is based.

Yomiko Readman is no longer the main character; instead, we have Sumiregawa Nenene (who will be familiar to those who've read the ReadOrDie manga, and to those who watched the OVA with sharp eyes), and a trio of BiblioKinetic sisters; Michelle, Maggy, and Anita.

Whilst of course a 26-episode series can't compete with a 3-episode OVA for budget, the action sequences are still excellently done, and the art is rich and detailed. Disappointingly though (at least, as of the first two episodes), there doesn't seem to be much new music; mostly, the OVA's music is reused. The ending theme and the jazzy opening are both nicely done, though not really on a par with the rest of it (perhaps they couldn't get the same composer this time around?).

Anyway. Whilst it's not the continuing adventures of the British Library Secret Police (producing 26 episodes of that at the OVA's standards would probably bankrupt some small countries), it is still ReadOrDie. And so far, it looks good.

What pictures I have seen would seem to indicate that the TV series is going for cutesy rather than stylish...  I'm hoping from what you've said above this isn't true? --Kazuhiko
It seems to be trying to strike a balance; the first episode is very much stylish (though with a handful of cutesy elements), the second is more cutesy (but has its own share of stylish elements). I suspect that overall stylish will dominate the plots, and cutesy will tend to be filler... but we'll have to wait and see. - tjm
OK, I have seen the first episode with subbing, and it is excellent! I really like the youngest of the three sisters, as she is very different from the others in her attitude to books. The animation quality is almost on a par with the OAVs, lets hope it stays this way. If I gush any more, people will not take me seriously, but this really is a worthy successor to the OAVs. And no, it isn't particulary kawaii (and who says that kawaii is a bad thing? ^_^), it is very stylish. --Tsunami

OP: tjm... and it might be helpful if someone who's actually watched an episode with subtitles adds to this page at some point... ^_^;

PaperTiger?!  What can I say, it starts off slow, it gets annoying - but it certainly has redeeming features.  --Vitenka
Yes, I thought it started off rather slow. This was possibly because I was watching it for the first time with someone who doesn't watch much anime and wasn't interested, whereas I'd hoped it would grab them :) But I don't think it's bad that the event BGM is reused from the OAV, surely?  --AlexChurchill
What's an OAV, or OVA, or whatever it is? - Ah, I see a link has been added...
In this case, the distinction is being drawn between ReadOrDie, the three-episode OAV, and "Read Or Dream", the 26-episode TV series. Parent page is about the former, this page is about the latter.  General discussion of OAVs can go on that page :) --AC

Umm...  I seem to have downloaded the version shot at night...  I get to see "Anime Station Proudly Presents... R.O.D. The TV" and then everything goes black.  And stays black.  The audio is fine throughout but the video never comes back.  Anyone any ideas? --Kazuhiko

Try a different codec, try a different player.  --Vitenka

Licensed for US release by Geneon? (formerly known as Pioneer) USA, current reports indicate that the DVD "Box Set" will be a faux-leather bound book, with dvds on pages within it. Might be very nice, if done well.

I've seen all of this series fansubbed, and I can firmly say that R.O.D the TV is true genius and one of the best anime series in years. The OAV had imaginative action and great animation, but a rushed, ridiculous plotline and limited characterisation. (It was very enjoyable, if you accepted its sillyness.) The TV series has whole episodes devoted to characterisation, and a long, drawn out ridiculous plotline which turns out to be very daring and clever indeed. :) At first, R.O.D the TV gives us a new cast of characters and a mix of comedy, school romance and inventive action scenes. Then, it fills up ReadOrDie's plot holes and ties up the loose threads... and then gives us a cracking new storyline all about the British Library, Yomiko Readman and so-on.

Joker is a key character, and his assistant Wendy (who was ultra clumsy and silly in the OAV and original manga) has become a very slick and cool agent. Unfortunately, I can't tell you what makes the second half of the series so clever and enjoyable, because it would be a massive spoiler. So, onto the official DVD release... that Geneon have done an incredible job with this series: the English dub is excellent, there is an interesting commentary, great-looking menu design, and the series' animators added extra details and improved scenes for the DVD release, so what you are watching is actually higher quality than the original TV show; in fact it looks very close to the quality of the OAV. I bought the Region 1 DVD with faux-leather book box thing for 30, I am happy with my purchase, and considering what a cheapskate I am when it comes to DVDs, that's saying something!

Extra note: The series is pretty much suitable for most ages, except in episode 9 their is an inexplicable moment of full frontal nudity of an unimportant female character. I don't know if it will be edited out of the DVD release, I wouldn't be suprised as it is not in keeping with the tone of the rest of the series.  --Your Evil Twin

"I am a servant of the Secret Paper!  You shall not pass!"

(series of loud crashing noises)

"Fly, you fools!", she cried, and was gone.


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