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A genre of anime series, distinguished by the fact it stars (or revolves around) a robot girl.

How come Connie Francis can sing 'Robot Man' and it's sweet and funny, but switch the gender and it just becomes freaky and wrong? Answers on a postcard.

However, this isn't quite the whole story.  There are series like KeyTheMetalIdol? which star a robot girl, but wouldn't be viewed as characteristic of the rest of the RobotGirl genre.  In most RobotGirl series, the series is (mainly) viewed from the perspective of a SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter, who manages to luck into having the RobotGirl come to live with him.  Being a robot, she's usually willing to do anything the male main character asks.  (Not stereotype-male-wish-fulfillment anime, no, not at all...)  The setting naturally lends itself to comedy and romantic situations, with the guy arguing with himself along the lines of: "She's not human! Ohh, but she's so cute..."

Examples include:

Disturbing numbers of these have the RobotGirl also being a maid (and in at least two cases a WeaponOfMassDestruction). I suppose you could view this as just the extension of the Japanese obsession with household gadgets - if you could take your kitchen appliances and give them a cute face and ribbons in their hair, wouldn't you? (It may be best if that remains unanswered...)

[Too late]. - tjm
Given all the effort they seem to have gone to, I'm disapointed that it basically ended up as a model RobotGirl sat on top of the computer...  It can't have been too much harder to actually make the computer internal can it? --K


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