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Music?al term, meaning "Go back to the start" (cf "Goto 10" for Basic geeks).

Well, it's a HaremAnime, so if that bothers you you probably shouldn't bother...  Before you run off though, I'd like to point out a couple of things:

1) Suprisingly low fan-service levels.  What fan-service there is is in (usually quite amusing) innuendo.  Apart from one completely out of place panty-shot in the first 5 seconds of the opening sequence, but you can't have everything I guess...
2) For once, I actually like the main guy.  He isn't pathetic, he isn't a klutz, he actually seems to be a genuinely nice person.

The third reason why I'm still watching this would have to be the relative [bizarrity] levels of the girls in question...  I guess it has been done before, but they've certainly managed to pick an interesting group :)

One word of warning (well, two I guess), when Dom from Megatokyo was recommending it (that was the first word of warning ^^;) he said it was based on an H "visual novel" so my comment on fan-service could go completely out of the window.  Based on the 4 eps I have seen so far I will be rather surprised if it does head in that direction, but who knows?


AlexChurchill has just finished watching this, and really enjoyed it. It's different to most HaremAnime and defies a number of the HaremAnime conventions: for example, only a couple of the girls actually live with the guy, and he's pretty well-adjusted and normal rather than a typical SociallyIneptMaleMainCharacter; a number of the stories or side episodes deal with relations between the characters who aren't Main Bloke; and notably, he gets together with someone well before the end of the series. In fact the whole final third or so was remarkably different to what I was expecting and... well, to avoid spoilers, let's just say the emphasis is not on comedy all the way through.

I, like Kazuhiko, found the bizarrity appealing. Not just of the characters - one gets bizarre characters everywhere - but also of the setting. They're not afraid to diverge from the known laws of reality: within the first couple of episodes we've seen sakura trees that never stop blooming, someone who can read minds and someone else who can see others' dreams... and there's more to come. But something else that impressed me was how much of this actually got *explained*, rather than just being left as "that's just the way things are" as we get used to due to it happening so often.

Oh, and anyone who likes sakura and/or cats will find major extra appeal in this: they play a similar role in DaCapo to the role that roses and fencing play in RevolutionaryGirlUtena ;) And the fanservice is as Kazuhiko said pleasantly rare all the way through.

If you really don't like romantic comedy then DaCapo probably won't be your thing. But among the genre, I'd say it stands out because as well as cute characters and romantic situations, it has appealing moments of total surreality, and significantly crafted backstory and an ongoing serious plot with a definite ending that it's moving inexorably towards.


'Dark'-Utamaru is apparently the most hallucinogenic substance this side of the RevolutionaryGirlUtena/Movie... --K
Ummmm... ... ...what? I don't know what you're on about, and neither does Google... unless the comment itself was a hallucination-inspired piece of Randomness? The concept of Dark Utamaru is terrifying yet compelling, I will admit... --AlexChurchill (while investigating with Google I discovered that Utamaru was voiced by the seiyuu who did Mii-tan in PoPoTan and Tama-chan in BottleFairy?. It figures.)
In response to the last bit...  *twitch*...  In response to the former...  'Dark'-Utamaru, as in the black-skinned version of Utamaru?  Tall-human sized, walks around on hind legs wearing a trench-coat and fedora?  Whenever he (or an image of him) shows up, things typically go into rather bizarre dream sequences, at least so far.  Alex?  Please tell me you remember him...  He has shown up quite a few times now and I don't want to find out I'm the one who's hallucinating... --K
Umm...? No, sorry K-sama, I'm afraid I don't have any idea who you're... *splutter* *giggle* Ahem. Sorry about that. Right, I do know the character you're talking about now. I'd just thought of him as a bizarre humanoid cat not particularly connected to Utamaru. It seems that people haven't called him that online yet, either. I guess there's probably some standard name for him on the fan sites... *shrug* Have you had the one where Nemu and Mako end up in his house? Wonderfully creepy, that :D --AlexChurchill
Wonderfully creepy?  Wonderfully Creepy?! *$%^...  When he... (the very last thing that happens) a chill shot down my spine  Gah! *shudder*  /Spoilers --K


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