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/IsItDead? I'm still not certain what romance is. I'm almost certain that the version peddled by pulp fiction is so much baloney though. I tend to be depressingly analytical and cynical about things like relationships and social connections, so I'm very open to being persuaded that there's something more, or that what I am already aware of is worth more than I suspect. But at the moment I'm on the verge of switching [behaviour] [patterns] completely. This would be a shame - I would prefer to believe in true love rather than a more, um, 'goal-oriented' form of romance. - CorkScrew
Ok, I'm being much more cynical than I actually am here, because I believe in love, and romance, and nice people being nice, but even if you are right, there are better goals than just getting your leg over.  You can be completely "selfish" and "goal driven" in a relationship, and if your goals are decent long term things like finding someone you want to spend time with, wanting someone you like to stick with you through bad stuff, wanting someone to share the cost of buying a house with, possibly wanting someone to help you pass on your genes *and your opinions* (otherwise you could just shag and run) then you get something that looks like romance and love and relationships anyway. Sally

Requiem reckons that being over-analytical is bad. Love happens, m'kay? Either you feel it, and do something about it, and end up with romance or whatever, or you don't feel it. The version peddled by pulp fiction is over-simplified - but you know the thing about things like that? If you both believe it, it'll come true.

[Moons and Junes and ferris wheels].

It's occasionally held in contrast to Lust?. - MoonShadow

Is [this] a helpful link at this point?  I'm inclined to think that first entry, number 1b is closest to the sort of Romance CorkScrew is asking about - is this reasonable? --MJ

Pallando thinks of romance as being sensuality for the emotions.  Sensuality is the difference between someone who shovels in food and a gourmet who savours and appreciates every bite.  Sensuality, appreciating the sensations as you go along rather than being goal driven, is the difference between a 5 minute 'shag and roll over' and an evening of scented candles and silk sheets.  Sensuality is the difference between just using love to get married and have kids, and romance.  Romance is taking the time to appreciate the sensations of being in love, being together, being on the journey.

SocialMatters, Love, Sexuality

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