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The practice of heterosexuality is permitted by various faiths and denominations to varying degrees. The practice of homosexuality is usually forbidden.

Probably due to evolution. Faiths which allows homosexuality and forbids heterosexuality have difficulties in producing second generation believers. -ColinLeung

I was mostly thinking in terms of "if genetic material naturally deselects itself, is it in the interest of the species to reinsert it into the gene pool?" --CorkScrew, on GayRights - seems like the most appropriate quote to head [this] story... - MoonShadow''
Hehe, good link - CorkScrew

I don't know if Homosexuality is genetic. It might be partly genetic, partly enviromental but I have heard enough stories of genetically indentical twins with different orientations to think there is something more complicated than a genetic on/off switch mechanism at work.--King DJ

As with most genetics, it's not black and white. Plus, the idea that there are "gay" people and "straight" people is itself a simplification...there's a continuum. -- Xarak
We've already had this debate once on GayRights. Check out the links to research papers there. MaintainMe: move these comments there before they start off another identical debate here. - MoonShadow
[Age of consent] - perhaps not strictly relevant, but interesting to see how different parts of the world have tried to codify their expectations.  --Vitenka
What about BiSexuality? Personally, I think that there's a sliding scale of sexuality, meaning the majority of people would have some bisexual traits but choose either subconsciously or on purpose to repress them. --Indigo

"Heterosexuality is permitted by various faiths and denominations to varying degrees. Homosexuality is usually forbidden."
..which AngelaRayner promptly disagreed with, starting a discussion.

I've tried to split it up, 'cos it's a pain to edit at the moment. If anyone wants to summarise or thinks bits could be shuffled around better, feel free ;) - MoonShadow

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