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A classic epic by J.R.R. Tolkien. But [what if it had been written by someone else]? In a similar vein, for those who can't be bothered to read the whole thing, there is a *ahem* [synopsis].
Both the above links seem to be broken now... --M-A

For LordOfTheRings fans who also like BuffyTheVampireSlayer, and particularly liked Buffy's musical episode in season 6... [Once More with Hobbits].  Brilliant. --M-A

There will be a showing of the first two films at TheFlat the weekend before the third film comes out, that is, the 13th and/or 14th December. We have both DVDs available but backups are good :) The third film is out on the 17th, which is a Wednesday - SunKitten (subject to veto by MoonShadow).
Do you have the normal, or the extended edition on DVD? --DR
I think the extended of II, and we've got the extended of I - SunKitten
Anyone up for arranging a mass booking to see the film on the 17th, if enough people can make the same time? --DR
We can't, sorry - we've got Frontier's Christmas dinner that evening. We're hoping to go on Thursday - SunKitten

We know, obviously, what happened to the One Ring.  The nine for mortal men (AKA the Goth rings, cause bad moods, a taste in black clothing and an aversion to sunlight) are equally easy to trace.  The three that went to the Elves ended up with Elrond, Gandalf and Galadriel.  The question, then, is what exactly happened to the seven rings for the Dwarven kings? --Kazuhiko
If you look in your appendices carefully, you discover that Sauron had recovered four of them before the book started, because he discovered dwarves weren't subdued by them enough to be worth his while.  The other three were destroyed by dragon fire.  It's amazing how much detail is in those appendices... --MJ
Why do you need to look at the appendices?  It's all in book one - Gandalf says "Seven the Dwarf-Kings possessed, but three he has recovered, and the others the dragons have consumed." --Angoel

This may sound cruel, but let us all be thankful that TolkienJunior? never worked out there was a prequel space there.  After all, Thorin is a decent 'in' to the workings of the draven kingdoms.  --Vitenka
He did, though the Silmarillion came out with JRRT's name on the cover. --NT
Yes, but Silmarillion went and played with the elves, it barely touched the dwarves.  --Vitenka
Well, they didn't exactly do that much.  Too busy wreaking mighty halls and keeping themselves to themselves. --NT

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