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A game designed for two players, in the same way that regular SettlersOfCatan is designed for three or more players.  Follows similar themes to the multiplayer board game, but is rather more strategic.  Games take about 2 hours. Each player constructing settlements, cities, assorted other buildings, and knights, trying to acquire victory points.  There are a lot of oneoff Action cards as well.

When playing, feels like a CollectableCardGame.  When buying, it doesn't: it costs you 25 UKP for the base CardGame and a oneoff 15 UKP for the /CardGameExpansions, but then that's it - there's no more cards to buy.

MoonShadow: It is a card game. It is not a CCG. When you buy it (including the expansions), you buy the game in its entirety. Just like PlayingCards, in fact. I think I'll start a page about UnCCGs, in fact.

The normal game mode has most of the cards shuffled together and then split into 5 "stacks", from which both players can draw cards during the course of the game.

Has an intriguing "tournament game" mode, whereby each player builds a deck from the cards available in one "base-plus-expansions" set, and then the two players play their decks against each other: the five shared stacks are replaced by each player having four personal stacks.  This would probably feel even more like a CCG than the normal game.
Anyone played it this way? -- TheInquisitor
Now I have. It's lots of fun. Interestingly, games tend to be significantly shorter than the non-deckbuilding version: about 60-75 minutes rather than 90-120. It may suffer from the problem that the best decks might consist of just the strongest standalone cards rather than the cards that work the best together; however, the jury's still out on that one. It is definitely lots of fun. --AC

The expansions also come with a number of blank cards, for use either to replace lost or damaged cards, or (far more interestingly) to create one's own.  Current ideas from the Churchill? camp may be found on /SoldiersAndGuilds.


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