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The ragged Tornado chaser lined his harpoon up carefully.  The harpoon, replete with scientific instruments, would make his reputation if it would just take the correct readings in this, his final launch before funding ran out, justifying his thesis and allowing him to publish.  The wind blew stronger but he waited patiently in the protected bunker, waiting for the perfect moment when the eye aligned with the predicted trajectory. 30 seconds. 20 seconds. Would the bunker hold? 10 seconds. Launch!

The later inquest, examining the steel I-bar impaling the researcher, was quite clear on its verdict.  He'd shot the breeze, and the breeze had shot back. --Pallando

...I don't know if this deserves CategoryAwfulPun or CategoryMadeOfWin.  -ElliottBelser

Faffing about having idle chit-chat with friends.

Done in one's CopiousFreeTime.

The Scottish equivalent would be ChewingTheFat?.
That's Scottish? I thought it was generally British... - SunKitten
It's colder, further North.  More need to chew fat.  --Vitenka
ChewingTheFat? is also used IN AMERICA! - ElliottBelser, who is not in fact actually Canadian
Is that like InSpace? --Requiem
[Source] --Vitenka
Somewhat.  Vitenka beat me to it, though.  --ElliottBelser's here to play card games and kick ass, and he's all out of ass
I'd heard 'shooting the s**t', which I guess is where the Americanism comes from. Mind you, I first came across that in an Andy McNab book, so I have no proof it should even be in the language. --Requiem

OP: ElliottBelser
CategoryRandom, CategoryAmericanism, CategoryAwfulPun

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