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A company who print manga translated into English.  Examples include Kodocha, LoveHina, KareKano, MagicKnightsRayearth?, CowboyBebop, CardCaptorSakura, Mars, MarmaladeBoy?, NieaUnderSeven, FLCL, VisionOfEscaflowne, CLAMP/Wish?, and many many more (about 70-80 titles total as at summer 2003).  Some (about a third?) of them are printed unflipped, to be read right-to-left. Nowadays, Amazon stocks a lot of what they publish.
Note to anyone looking at the above list and thinking that the manga of VisionOfEscaflowne should be interesting:  Read the preview (currently with MoonShadow and SunKitten) or at least flick through a few pages before buying it...  Chances are, it's not what you were expecting! --Kazuhiko

To some, the RootOfAllEvil.  To others, the only way to get to actually read those stories.
I'm not entirely sure why they're the RootOfAllEvil - would someone care to elaborate? - SunKitten
PeterTaylor guesses it's because they translate manga to a non-Japanese language.

Three reasons mainly:

On this last point, I have been told they are altering significant aspects of 'Initial D', but if they have edited any of their manga which I have read then they have done a good job of it.  Certainly 'Mars' doesn't seem edited, which is the main title I read (and which could easily have been toned down if they had wanted to) --Kazuhiko

Another possible reason for their evilness is the simple fact that they are going to bankrupt me :)  Picked up 5 volumes today and was disappointed to have missed 2 others I wanted... --Kazuhiko

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