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By Yoshitoshi Abe, the same person who drew SerialExperimentsLain. An almost Miyazaki-esque feeling of quiet, provincial community combines with calm background music and some stunning artwork to create a short series that is one of a kind.

Um.  Nice description, but what is it / what is it about?  From the above, it could be about dancing FlapJacks preaching environmentalism.
How did you guess? - Kazuhiko
I have good prescience when it comes to UltimateDoom.
Hmmm... well, in the interests of providing a *little* more info whilst still remaining in CategoryCompletelyUninformative? tag:  The world background premise is "The aliens invaded, but nothing really changed".  (Yes, that was also used by MahoutsukaiTai, but very differently there.)  Mmmm.  Much better, ne?  --AlexChurchill
Too late, the tag is gone ;)  --Vitenka

Unhelpfully, there's no single blam-blam-whammo plot. It's more a "year in the life of" sort of thing. The main characters are a student girl who rents a room in a bathouse and an alien cat-girl (NieA_7) who freeloads in her room (the aliens are treated quite casually in the anime, much like an ethnic minority really). Lots of little incidents happen to them, kind of the way lots of little things happen to the AzumangaDaioh crowd. There is a big thing that is worked towards gradually and happens towards the end, but the anime is far more about character development and the characters' reactions to the big event than about the event itself. QuietCountryCafe? is very similar, although even slower-paced.
Thanks.  That's the kind of thing I was looking for.  I hadn't even heard of this, so was wondering if it was giant robots or insane humour or a day in the life of cuddly toys or...  The range of possibilities is actually kind of scary, so I'll stop thinking about it.  A few characters who live together and have character development will do as an explanation.  --Vitenka

AlexChurchill comes and rereads this page...  Ah well.  I was planning (after having seen episode 7 at WednesdayAnime) to comment on its difference to AzumangaDaioh, in that we had hints about something this week that weren't fully resolved - i.e. something which approximates to "plot".  I was happily watching each episode as a kindof one-off with minor character development each time, and then ep 7 comes along and surprises me.  But I see the mention above of the "big thing worked towards gradually" could have reminded me something like this was coming, if I'd been paying attention :)

When the TokyoPop version gets published, Amazon will stock it:
Volume 1: ISBN 1591823811
Volume 2: ISBN 159182382X


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