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The plan

There is a scheme among the ToothyWikizens to go camping in 2007. RobHu has made a booking for six people on Fri 15th to Sun 17th June at [Radnors end campsite] in HayOnWye.
How many pitches did you book? SunKitten and I will be sharing a two-person tent; I assume the others will be bringing a tent each? We also need to let AngelaRayner know, since she wanted to know once we'd decided on a date. I think Bobacus and Naomi were interested too. - MoonShadow
I booked for six people, and when they asked what that meant in terms of tents I said I didn't know specifically, but that would be two couples with a tent each, and two people with their own individual tents. It didn't sound highly strict. Do you think I should gather more information on the tent types to pass on to them? If AngelaRayner and other people are interesting and the communication medium is OOB can you ask them to add themselves to the 'definitely going' list below? --RobHu
I'm sure they are interesting, but are they coming camping? --Rachael
Not sure about how interesting :)  Think it might be one of those things that other people should comment on!  However, I think we'll be coming, I just need to confirm with work tomorrow... --AR

If you want to go you will need to put yourself in the 'Interested parties' section. RobHu will then alter the booking for you.

Interested parties

Definitely going

RobHu will book you a place tomorrow morning.
RH: nagi doesn't currently have a tent of his own; Steve's offered to let him share, so he's not going to need a separate pitch. - MoonShadow
So do I need to tell them at all? I'm assuming no. --RobHu
Definitely want to go, but I have to manage to get the Saturday off work!  I will talk to work tomorrow, but will probably need another two places. --AR
Cool! - You'll need to tell them about Angela, Rob :) - MoonShadow
Angela - so two more people (you and Sue?) but I assume one tent? --RobHu

Interested, but may have trouble fitting it in

I don't think being an undergrad means you won't fit in ^_^ --RobHu
I meant I may have trouble fitting it in with all the other stuff I do, especially as it may end up near exams/coursework deadlines. --Androidkiller


Please discuss the different ideas under these headings

The place

We've certainly camped in HayOnWye - in fact, we've done it twice. Going again would be great, holiday (and weather) permitting :) - SunKitten
Oo, sounds good. --Rachael
I assume we're in agreement that it should be HayOnWye? --RobHu
Yup ;) - SunKitten


Does anyone want to suggest a time of the year they think would be a good time to go? --RobHu
A BankHoliday? weekend would be very nice - SunKitten
We should probably avoid the festivals that are happening (25 May to 3 June, and 13-15 July, according to the website) because it'll be crowded then. --Rachael
OK. Bank holidays are Fri 6th and Mon 9th of April, Mon 7th and Mon 28th of May (which would conflict with the London Expo if anyone is going to that), then Mon 27th August. --RobHu
My preference would be for August, then the 7th May (we are going to Expo) - SunKitten

OK - who would be OK with the August Bank Holiday weekend? (That's Fri 24th to Mon 27th August)? Does anyone have a problem with it? - SunKitten
Fine with me. --RobHu
Alex? Rachael? Androidkiller? Anyone else? - SunKitten
I think that's OK, but I still don't know what I'm doing over the summer --Androidkiller

Argh! We've just realised this clashes with Alex's parents' leaving party (they're leaving the country, so it's quite a major event). So we might not be able to come camping if it's happening that weekend, or maybe we could turn up Sunday or late Saturday... --Rachael
It doesn't have to be the Bank Holiday weekend - that would just have been convenient for travelling on Monday (I've run out of holiday). We can make it a different one :) Any preferences? We should book the site at some point; it does get booked up and there may be a lot of us - SunKitten
You've run out of holiday? It's only February! Don't you keep any in reserve? ... I'm free throughout the year, so I suggest those of us who want to go state when they are not able to go. --RobHu
Oh, I haven't used it, it's just already booked. Too many events ^^;; - SunKitten
OK, maybe 7th May (SK's 2nd choice) then? --Rachael
Yeah that's good for me (as every date is in fact, such is my busy life) --RobHu
Just to be a pain, I think I'd rather it wasn't in May. That's a bit before a big event, and I expect I'll be busy. Like I say, it doesn't have to be a Bank Holiday, so maybe some time in June? - SunKitten
OK; I think all our weekends in June are free so far. Someone suggest one (probably not the first weekend because of that festival thing they're having). --Rachael
We'd prefer the 16th/17th, although the 9th/10th would be OK. We're hopefully going to be moving some time that month, though.. ^^;; - SunKitten
OK. I'll book one of these weekends today (Thursday) --RobHu

Holiday length

A weekend? A 'long' weekend? A week? What works for people? --RobHu
We don't have enough holiday to make it a long weekend. What we would do is drive down on Friday afternoon, taking a half day. Then drive back Sunday. However, if it was a BankHoliday? weekend, we could stay an extra night - SunKitten
I can do a weekend, long weekend, or week, I have no other plans - so I'll just go with the crowd (which I suspect will be a weekend) --RobHu


What is happening about food? Are we eating out for every meal? Should each person or couple bring food for themselves? Should everyone bring some food that can be shared in a massive campfire smorgasbord? It just occurred to me that I haven't thought about it yet and should probably go food shopping tomorrow with some idea in mind. --Rachael
In the evening, I'd prefer to eat out - there's a very good restaurant in the town. For breakfast, I suggest everyone takes their own, it's easier, but I don't mind - SunKitten
I'd happily eat with you guys in the morning if you want, although I'm not bothered either way. I tend to either have no breakfast or have a banana normally. --RobHu


So, how did it go? --M-A
Lots of fun :) The journeys there and back were both dire (for us) for different reasons, but once we were there it was great. Many books bought, some rain, nice pub meals, bacon in the morning and a nice break ^^ - SunKitten
Yup - good to be in good company, good to see nagi again, the BlueBoar? is a nice place to hang out, and lots and lots of books ^^ - MoonShadow
A197 !! --RobHu
We talked about going to the Republic of Ireland for a week next year, staying in a cottage/house/cabin/thing. --RobHu

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