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The driver hollers in a hoarse voice:

"This is the ToothyWiki bus stop."

The bus spends some while driving through open countryside before coming to a clump of trees with a [small wooden shelter], by the roadside in the middle of nowhere. You see a sign saying "[Magog Down]". The door opens, just for a moment, and on a whim you decide to look around. You step out into the shelter's shade, summer heat shimmering around you..

The bus drives off, and everything falls silent. Gradually, crickets begin to chirp again. You notice a small, overgrown path running around behind the shelter and through a field of yellow rapeseed. As you follow it, you notice some buildings in the distance. There is life here!

ToothyWiki is the first building you come to. It is probably as good a place to start as any. It has a list of things to see scribbled on it; there's a couple of message boards on its walls - VisitorsBook, TodayIAmMostly and SiteOfTheMoment. There's a faded notice about WikiEtiquette tucked away in a corner. There is no overall set subject.

Outgoing buses...

...anytime you're ready to leave.

For an explanation, see MeatBall: TourBus. In case of questions or problems: turn to the MeatBall: BusManagement if it's a problem with a tour or one of the onward links, or try MoonShadow if it's a problem with this wiki.

For the map of all tour buses, consult MeatBall: TourBusMap.

This TourBusStop was requested by MarkDilley. It was inspired by YokohamaKaidashiKikou, NieaUnderSeven and HayaoMiyazaki. Until we get included in a tour, it shall be left derelict, gently overgrowing with moss and ivy.

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