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Societies in disguise.
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Trans Community is usally refered to as part of the LGBT or Queer Community but is increasingly becoming referred to in its own right. The Trans Community comprises people of a TransSexual, Transgendered, Intersexed, Transvestite (although some people argue transvestitism is a lifestyle choice rather than an orientation or condition) or otherwise genderqueer natures.

Genderqueer?  Is this the word for people who dislike the question "Sex: Male/Female?" on questionnaires? --Koryne
And transgendered means people who prefer to be referred to by 'das' in German and other such languages. --Edwin
I think you mean 'androgyne' there.  A TransGender? individual is merely of a different Gender then thier sex would indicate. -- ElliottBelser, who is sick and tired of having to explicate the difference between Gender and physical sex
Genderqueer tends to be an umbrella term for people who subvert the binary gender system, either through a conscious choice or their physiological makeup. At least, this was the way I meant it. --Indigo
Do so specifically to FreakTheMundanes? and it's called GenderFuck?.  -- ElliottBelser, wondering why he knows this... oh.  Right.

SocialMatters; see also Sexuality, GayRights

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