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UkReligionChristian (uk.r.c for short) is a UseNet? NewsGroup that some of us on ToothyWiki subscribe and post to.  It contains a multitude of people, some of whom would label themselves Christians, who post their opinions on topics (mostly) related to Christianity.  The great thing about it is its diversity, both of people and of opinions.  It's an interesting forum because in any one church, you usually find people who agree with one another to a limited degree.  On uk.r.c we all go to different churches (or none) and whilst some people agree with others, lots of disagreeing happens too.  When we agree or disagree with people, we debate with them.  Uk.r.c gives a unique space for a lot of dialogue to take place that would not otherwise have a home.  It is a place for people from different realms of the Christian religion to understand one another.  Uk.r.c can sometimes be argumentative and difficult, but underneath, they're a group of wonderful and loving people.

One of the benefits of any amount of exposure to uk.r.c is the realisation that not all Christians think the same.  On anything, pretty much :)  For example, all of AlexChurchill's exposure to Christianity until the age of 21 was evangelical student-type Christianity.  Discussing with people from uk.r.c was a real eye-opener, purely in terms of discovering how many different points of view there are, and how many different approaches there are, within the big worldwide Church.

Bobacus lurked for a few days in 1998 and 2000 and just found it horrendously discouraging. YMMV.

A corollary of this (diversity), presumably, is that the objection "A person like me couldn't be a Christian", which many people give as a reason for avoiding considering Christianity, can be demonstrated false, for pretty much any value of "like me"...
Does the corollary also follow, that statements like "A person like _that_ (...mass murderer, homosexual, witch craft user, etc) couldn't be a real Christian" are also thereby disproven? --DR
I know of counterexamples for at least the first two cases, and have no doubt they exist for the third and most similar suggestions. Admittedly, the mass murderer was "trying to give up" - he did view murder as a sin, but his circumstances and people he associated with made it hard. Hence the classic quote something along the lines of "How are you doing?" "Not too bad: I only killed three people this week." But it is certainly possible to be a Christian and be in one of those situations. And UkReligionChristian is one of the best places I know to find such people in the UK (the ShipOfFools being another). --AlexChurchill

News: uk.religion.christian ; SeeAlso the [FAQ].


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