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I feel a bit short on updates. Before Ayacon, I was working on Purgatory, and now I'm working on an entry for the Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga UK competition, neither of which can be put up on the site. I went through my folders, though, and found a quick sketch I did shortly after the ceilidh at a reception of a wedding of friends of mine. It contains spoilers for Looking for the Sun 14 (as most Looking for the Sun images containing Saryth probably will from now on (which is itself a minor spoiler, I suppose). I'll stop mentioning it eventually). The sketch was done in blue pencil then inked, because scanners can be set to pick up only black. This means in future I can use blue pencil for comics, and then not have to rub out twenty-plus pages in one night, which is a real help (and rubbing out only damages the ink and paper anyway). It also looks quite nice as an effect, which is why I scanned the picture in colour. Also, I designed a logo (for the book) a while ago, but I've never actually made it visible anywhere, so here :)

Current time sinks include Runescape (free MMORPG) and Fantastic Children, a rather intriguing anime of which we have 13 episodes. Normally we're prevented from watching excess anime by not having the next episode, so right now self-control is required  ^^;;

- Sun Kitten, 26th August '05

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