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Phoenix Feathers is updated on Tuesday and Friday

I'm not going to whinge here about the bad week it's been so far, because I already did it on TodayIAmMostly on the wiki (and the advantage of that is that it'll vanish after a while. The web has enough moody rubbish on it already). However, I do want to say that I lost our mobile; don't try to contact me using that number because it won't work. With any luck, it'll be found at the place where I lost it (a muddy piece of grass at the place where I do Tae Kwon-do - I only realised I lost it after dark, so had no hope of finding it at all, although I did try using the car headlights). Failing that, we'll have to get a new one. Ho hum.

I tried to eat a cream thingy today (this was part of the week that was really rather nice). It was long and consisted of two rectangular wafery thingies with chocolate and white icing on top of one of them and cream in the middle between them. I watched one of my friends eat it and drop cream all over everywhere, because when she bit down, the cream oozed out of the sides. So I thought I'd rotate it 90 degrees (about the long axis), so I wouldn't be biting down on the cream. Unfortunately the top and bottom scissored in opposite directions and the cream fell out of the middle all on its own, so I made even more of a mess of it than she did. At least I caught the cream ;) Does anyone know how to eat this kind of thing without creating a mess? Assume you have no utensils (other than your fingers) and nothing to put anything on except a small napkin. Thanks  ^.^

We'll be seeing some people tonight for the Marathon Anime Showing (Kimi ga Nozomu Eien and Naru Taru, with side helpings of Kanon and probably other Random Stuff). If you want to come, please feel free; it's not limited to people who 'booked' it. Email me for the address.

- Sun Kitten, 15th October '04

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